IMG_6353Welcome to the all new peachesog.com, the wonderful world of Peaches & Cream!

My name is Cliona and back in November 2013, while I was studying for my masters in Journalism, I decided to create a little fashion and beauty blog on social media called Peaches & Cream.  The name inspiration came from the use of the term Peaches & Cream, which is usually used to describe something as being unrealistically idyllic and I wanted my blog to resemble that. What started out as a small-time ‘like’ page on Facebook quickly began growing in the tens of thousands and now I have over 110k followers on Facebook alone.

What I saw as a unique name for a blog turned out to be quite a generic name in the realm of all things beauty and fashion and that’s how Peaches O.G. came about. O.G. simply means Original Gangster! i.e. someone who has been around for a while, an old-schooler. Cryptic as ever, this term is used as a metaphor to represent the years of experience and knowledge I bring to the table when it comes to blogging. Aside from being a qualified journalist, I am a qualified make-up artist, semi-permanent eyelash extensionist and nail technician. I worked full-time in fashion retail for many years and also worked full-time as a pro-artist in Make Up For Ever before going back to college, where thankfully all my passions rolled into one. I am now active across most social medias and you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat under the username @peaches_og

In May 2015, at just 18 months old, Peaches & Cream took home the award for Best Design at The Irish Beauty Blog Awards which was such a great achievement and a huge honour. My blog has already brought about many great opportunities and collaborations with some of the top fashion and beauty brands and I love working closely together with them to bring my followers exclusive news, discounts and giveaways. Although my website is a fairly new addition, Facebook is the original platform where Peaches & Cream launched and enjoys the majority of user traffic and engagement. I have hundreds of thousands of visitors every single day on Facebook and sometimes it can reach up to 1.5 million guests daily. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Peaches & Cream. The dream is to keep getting bigger and better!

I hope you enjoy!

Cliona x

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