All About My Casmara Facial At AP Fashion Nails & Beauty

You might remember a few weeks ago I had a ‘My Casmara Facial’ at AP Fashion Nails & Beauty.
The reason the treatment is called ‘My Casmara Facial’ is because the treatment is customised depending on what the clients skincare  concerns are.
The therapist choose the treatment mask and ampule most suited to my skin and tailor made the facial for me.

My therapist at AP Fashion Nails & Beauty told me that in general my skin was in really good condition, I had minimal signs of dryness with light sensitivity on the cheeks along with congestion around the chin area.

Based on her examination we started the treatment using the the 3-in-1 cleanser, which is a cult product for Casmara. It contains silk proteins to hydrate the skin along with green tea, a powerful anti-oxidant. It’s a cleanser, eye make up remover, exfoliater and toner all in one.

After using the 3-in-1 cleanser the therapist used another Casmara cult favourite, the OxyMask.  The OxyMask contains an ingredient called Riboxly which is derived from corn and foams during use sending oxygen molecules deep into the skin  which stimulate cells and make them more receptive to the active ingredients that are applied next.
A Hyal Ampule which contains pure Hyaluronic Acid is then massaged in to deeply hydrate the skin. Interestingly Casmara developed their own Hyaluronic Acid with a small molecular size to penetrate further than other hyaluronic products on the market.
A Casmara Regenerin Algae Peel Mask followed. This mask contains Linseed which has a soothing and softening effect on the skin and Aloe Vera which works to regenerates new cells and has a soothing, toning and anti-irritant effect on the skin.
Casmara is all about results driven pampering so in addition to the use of using very active ingredients, there is a lot of massage and relaxation involved.
I didn’t take any snaps during the facial as Amie (owner of AP Fashion Nails & Beauty) wanted me to relax and enjoy it but I told her the next time I’m back I would record elements to give you guys a feel for what it entails from a live perspective but honestly it was an incredible facial and I can’t wait for the next one.
If you are interested in making an appointment at AP Fashion Nails & Beauty for a customised My Casmara Facial please contact them on (01) 899 6862 or find them on Facebook.
Casmara products can also be purchase online here: I would highly recommend the OxyMask and the Casmara Micellar Water – it’s my favourite micellar water on the market at the moment, it’s really calming and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight like most other micellar waters out there!
You’ll also find a full list of Casmara stockists and salons online here: