Baby Moon At Newpark Hotel Kilkenny

Right before I gave birth to Lottie I went to Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny for my Baby Moon 🌙  Because it was Anthony and Harry’s birthday the same weekend we decided to combine my Baby Moon and their joint birthday celebrations.

The plan was for me to head down early on the Friday and have a spa day at Escape Health Spa before the boys followed me down Friday evening to begin celebrating their joint birthday weekend 🥳🎂🎈🎁

Previous to my arrival I was in touch with one of the hotel co-ordinatorswho helped me plan lots of fun activities for us to do at the hotel as a family including:

• The Newpark Mini Farm 🐄🐖
• Mini Go-Karting 🏎️
• Tree-Top Adventure Playground with Zip Line 🌲
• Newpark Fairy Trail 🧚🏼‍♀️
• Newpark Adventure Fen Trail
• Jurassic Newpark 🦖

The hotel co-ordinator also suggested a trip to The National Reptile Zoo which is in close proximity to the hotel (5-10 minute drive).

As soon as I arrived at Newpark Hotel I headed straight for Escape Health Spa for a full body pregnancy massage and a 1 hour 15 minute facial. I also spent some time checking out the amenities at Escape Health Spa including the stunning swimming pool and took some time to chill in the relaxation room before the boys arrived down later that evening. The pregnancy massage was absolutely amazing and my facial was so relaxing I’m pretty sure I was asleep for most of it – I woke myself up snorting!

After what was the most relaxing afternoon of pampering I then checked into my room  where I was met with the most awesome balloon displays by @bloomingballoonskk & plates filled treats like chocolate covered strawberries & macarons for myself & the boys – at this point I can confirm I had died and gone to Baby Moon heaven!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you again to Jackie of @bloomingballoonskk who came into our room at Newpark Hotel prior to check in to leave the most incredible Pokémon balloon displays inside as a surprise for Harry! Jackie set up an assortment of displays including:

🎈 Themed number stack (many themes available)
🎈 Pokemon Balloon Stack
🎈 Table display with scatter balloons
🎈 Balloon in a box surprise (for Anthony’s birthday tomorrow)

I can’t recommend @bloomingballoonskk enough in addition to the support from the co-ordinators at Newpark Hotel who facilitated the room set up ahead of check in!

We had such a beautiful dinner at Newpark Hotel to celebrate Anthony’s birthday 🥳🎈🎁🥂 Honestly though, the thing that absolutely made our night was the staff at Newpark – they are the soundest, kindest, most accommodating staff we’ve ever had the pleasure of being looked after by and they are so unbelievably polite and attentive. Even though Anthony was super stuffed and didn’t order dessert, the staff still came out to present him with a little dessert with a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to him! I was so surprised and shocked the staff went to such lengths to make our night so special, especially for Anthony.

Newpark Hotel has some amazing amenities for children including Jurassic Newpark & the Newpark Fairy Trail 🧚🏼‍♀️ they also had a Build-A-Bear workshop on site which I thought was the most adorable activity for the kids, not to mention the Kids Club with children’s High Tea 🫖🧁 it was just endless… unlimited entertainment for the little ones!

We had the absolute best time and I would recommend it to anyone who has kids 💯 I’ve actually never been to a family hotel like that before with tonnes of kids running around and moms & dads unwinding knowing their children are well catered for… it was really nice to get a glimpse into the future and envisage what my vacations will be like from now on 👩🏼‍🍼

Newpark Hotel has some incredible special offers and deals running throughout the year. There’s no particular time of the year that’s better than others in terms of when its best to visit – Newpark Hotel specialise in catering for children and the whole family all year round!

To check out their current special offers and deals check out the website here –