Botanics Review: The Skincare Range Powered By Plants

The global natural and organic beauty market was the second fastest growing category in 2016 increasing by 21.6% compared to the previous year!

Due to this colossal growth there has never been SO many natural skincare choices however, understanding which plant does what can be confusing!

Launched in 1995, Botanics is a plant-based natural skincare range which contains high-quality plant extracts that benefit the skin and helps target specific skin concerns for a healthy-looking complexion.

In 2000 the brand established a working relationship with the Royal Botanic Gardens in London to help identify the best plant extracts available and to ensure their sustainability.

You can be sure that plant extracts used in Botanics are of the highest quality, efficacy and sustainability and will leave you feeling confident you’ve made a natural, safe and credible choice for your skin care.

From sustainably sourced Clary Sage in Spain to hand-harvested Hibiscus in West Africa, Botanics has taken steps to reduce impact on the planet at every stage of the product’s journey.

Nature inspired, Botanics is the complete natural skincare range that makes it easy to ensure your skin looks as healthy as your holistic lifestyle. So even if you haven’t had your five a day, practised your mindfulness or done your yoga, at least your skin can be as fit as it should be.

I’ve always been a massive fan of Botanics so when Boots asked me would I be interested in reviewing a few of their products it was a no brainer for me. However, I used this opportunity to try out some of the products I have never used before in order to give you guys an unbiased opinion.

With that, I chose three products from the Botanics Organic range – a range powered by Rosehip – the plant that feeds your skin and helps nourish and restore glow.

Rosehip is rich in Vitamin C, Omegas’ 3, 6 and essential fatty acids – all nourishing skin foods for a healthy looking complexion.

First up I chose the 100% Organic Nourishing Facial Oil. It’s a non-greasy, fast-absorbing facial oil that helps nourish skin and lock in moisture! A little goes a long way with this product – a couple of drops is all you need and when used daily, skin will look healthy and radiant with continued use. The formula is infused with Organic Rosehip extract which is rich in nourishing omegas and essential fatty acids – skin foods that are vital for a healthy complexion. Price wise it’s reduced from €14.99 to just €9.99 on the Boots website – http://bit.ly/2HBRNx5

Next up I chose the Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz to review. One spritz of this energising toner purifies and refreshes skin after cleansing, leaving it feeling revitalised and ready to receive moisturiser. Each spritz contains a generous dose of organic rose water to calm, soothe and nourish skin. Facial spritz’s are a great one for the handbag too – when I worked full time in an office I always used facial spritz’s for a bit of a pick me up mid afternoon if I was feeling tired or lethargic. I always take one with me on holidays too, especially to hot climates – I pop it in my beach bag and use it to cool down intermittently throughout the day.  Price wise it’s reduced from €9.99 to €6.66 on the Boots website – http://bit.ly/2CDW4ME

Lastly I’ve been reviewing the 93% Organic Hydrating Super Balm. The balm melts into the skin almost like an oil but isn’t greasy or sticky. I use it on my elbows and heels but it’s also great as a hand cream! Similar to the Nourishing Facial Oil the formula is infused with Organic Rosehip extract which is rich in omegas and essential fatty acids. A little goes a long way with this product too, you only need the tiniest amount when using.  It’s most definitely a handbag essential! The Hydrating Super Balm is reduced from €9.99 to just €4.99 on the Boots website too – http://bit.ly/2sNnQXu

Because Mother’s Day is fast approaching (Sunday March 11th) I specifically chose products that mum would like too! All three products together come in at a mere €21.64 and I definitely think all three are products that mum would use and enjoy!

You can check out the full Botanics range on the Boots website here.

***This post has been sponsored by Boots Ireland***