Review: Brunch at The Meeting House

Brunch is one of my favourite meals of the day, especially because alcohol consumption is encouraged during!

I wouldn’t be one for drinking regularly, but enjoying a tipple mid-day with nice food is my favourite way to enjoy alcohol.

I wanted to take my mom somewhere nice for brunch on Saturday and decided to venture outside of our usual safe haven that is Malahide.

My mom loves going into town and I had heard some great things about a new Burmese Brunch menu being served at The Meeting House.

The new menu includes brunch classics with a twist, such as smoked pork belly served with soft poached duck eggs, topped with Burmese smoked hollandaise sauce, on top of toasted flat bread.

There are also lighter options such as exotic fresh fruit salad, layered with infused coconut milk and freshly squeezed, exotic juices.

My mom and I enjoyed a 4 course taster menu as part of their launch, but each dish is available in full size to order.

To start we enjoyed an exotic fresh fruit salad served with mint, fresh coconut and coconut infused syrup.

Layered fruit salad with coconut milk

We also enjoyed fresh fruit juices and a ‘Breakfast Martini’ which included marmalade, lemon juice, orange liquor and beefeater gin.

Our starter of exotic fresh fruit salad was followed then by course #2: Glazed Pork Belly served with soft poached duck egg, steamed coconut buns and The Meeting House signature smoked hollandaise sauce.


To accompany this we enjoyed another cocktail, this one called the ‘Brunch Buddy’, made with pineapple infused Tullamore Dew (Irish Whiskey), chocolate liquor, banana, vanilla and milk.


I thought this particular cocktail was divine! I had never tried an alcoholic drink with this kind of taste infusion but it worked REALLY well and really complimented the dish.


‘The Meeting House Boa Buns’ were next on the menu and were brought to the table as course #3. The toasted boa buns were served with crisp lettuce, cucumber, The Meeting House signature salsa verde, asian raw vegetable slaw, crispy sweet potatoes and aromatic smoked brisket of beef.


With this course, we enjoyed yet another cocktail,  the ‘Porn Star Martini’ which was infused with vanilla vodka, vanilla sugar, passion fruit puree and prosecco.


For the finale, aka course #4, we enjoyed the most amazing Blueberry Pancakes!

Brunch Pancakes

The pancakes were served with fresh berries, infused syrup and coconut soy yoghurt.

We finished off with a strong americano and I loved that their coffee was served in beautiful china cups!


It’s little things like that that make you remember certain things about certain places.

Over all, each part of our 4 course brunch tasting menu was heavenly and The Meeting House is definitely somewhere I’ll be venturing back to!

Burmese Brunch is now available every Saturday and Sunday from noon at The Meeting House.

All plates on the new menu are €9.99 and are designed to share with friends. Signature brunch cocktails, like the ones I enjoyed, are also available as part of their menu.

The Meeting House is situated on Sycamore Street in the heart of Temple Bar’s creative quarter.


For more information, to make a reservation or to view the full menu, please visit their website