Cease The Crease While You Sleep

Well they certainly don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! I recently came across these amazing Silc Skin Decollette Pads which are designed to prevent and treat chest wrinkles caused by ageing, sun damage and sleeping on your side…. WHILE you sleep.

I know you’re probably thinking, ‘AS IF’ a little jelly pad could rid you of your chest wrinkles but let me explain the science behind them to help you better understand how and why they work.

Considered a much less expensive and less irritating alternative to surgical procedures, The  Decollette Pad was invented by an Emmy award winning Hollywood make-up artist called Camille Calvet.

Camille felt that despite there being many products on the market that combat lines and wrinkles on the face, there was however, a noticeable gap in products for the chest area (décolletage) where wrinkles form as a result of lying on the side when sleeping, sun damage, ageing & gravity.

The pads were developed after seeing first hand how silicone had healing properties on scar tissue. They prevent chest muscles and skin from forming creases while sleeping, as well as smoothing existing wrinkles while awake.


The  Decollette Pad is made of 100% medical grade silicone and is typically placed on the chest at night and removed in the morning however, it can be used at any time of the day.

Electro static energy generated by the pads when they are worn is supposed to improve the irregular collagen structure and this also creates an increased blood flow which results in improved skin tone.

The Pad is a non-invasive means of repairing chest lines & does not contain latex, urethanes or adhesives.

Each pad lasts between 30-60 days depending on the frequency of use and should be cleaned with warm soapy water after the first or second time it has been used and occasionally thereafter in order to remove a build-up of skin cells.

When washing, use a soap that is free of moisturisers, emollients or oils like baby shampoo for example.

Allow the pad to air dry face up and don’t dry with a towel.

Once dry, the plastic protective backing sheet should be replaced to prevent the breakdown of the silicone adhesive.

Before use, make sue the chest area is thoroughly clean, dry and free of moisturisers. Sweating at night time can effect the adhesion too so do bear that in mind and make sure your room is nice and cool and you’re wearing comfortable, breathable clothes.

As I’m in my mid twenties and not suffering from any of the said issues YET, I again enlisted the help of my willing muse who had the Micro Needling treatments on her chest area at Biofresh Skincare in Swords over a course of 6 weeks.

FullSizeRender 2


(Chest area BEFORE treatment)

During these 6 weeks my mystery muse used the Silc Skin Decollette Pads every night and this greatly improved her results.

Micro NEEDLING does exactly what it says on the tin and as her chest had suffered a ‘trauma’ from the treatments essentially, the Decollette Pads worked effortlessly in sync to re-hydrate the scarred tissue, plump out fine lines and wrinkles and improve the collagen structure in the skin.



(Chest area AFTER treatment)

The results speak for themselves really and at just £25.99 over at www.dermacaredirect.co.uk there’s really  no excuse not to try them out!

I always sleep on my side and even though I may not have any wrinkles right this minute, it is an inevitable part of like and I do want to continue using these Decollette Pads as a preventative measure.

You can shop the Decollette Pads here http://bit.ly/1Eq0dEj