Deep Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

When I was working full time in Make Up For Ever once upon a moon, I found that a lot of women were unsure how to clean their makeup brushes properly. As a qualified MUA I have to deep clean my brushes after every day’s work, but if you are just using your brushes for personal use, a wash like this once weekly is more than enough. I thought I’d take a few pics along the way of my most recent “Deep Clean” to show you how and explain in a step by step manner. ☺️ First I recommend using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Drop about a 20cent coin amount into the palm of your hand and lather up your brush. The two indents or lines in the metal handle are there for a reason. You must never let the water flow past these lines because once the wooden part becomes soaked, it can cause the head of the brush to fall off. Rinse under the tap until all the suds are gone and lightly towel dry the brush back into its original shape. Lastly hang the brushes over the edge of the bath or over the edge of any surface as this gives full 360 degree exposure to air, the best possible drying condition. I recommend leaving to dry overnight. ☺️ I know a lot of you probably use alcoholic brush cleansers like the mac one for instance. MUA’s use these too but rather as a quick fix i.e to remove product from a brush right before another application. There is a lot of makeup residue deep down in the fibres that only a deep clean will remove. But make sure you allow the brushes time to dry and don’t make the mistake of deep cleaning them an hour before you’re about to start the war paint. ☺️