Expert Midwife Ultimate Baby Set

Expert Midwife are a brand with both mama and baby in mind. Each product is formulated through the expertise of real midwives who aim to use their expert knowledge and maternal instincts to help new mama’s care for their baby using the highest quality products on the market.

Each product is developed by an in-house team of midwives from award-winning natural skincare products to evidence based empowering blog content, resources and antenatal services.

The Ultimate Baby Set includes every skin product you need to care for your mini you, using high quality natural ingredients to gently care for baby soft skin.

Mega Mild Cleansing Baby Body Wash

My Expert Midwife Mega Mild Cleansing Wash.

This gentle wash was specially formulated to build up your babies microbiome throughout the first few months of their life, reducing their risk of developing symptoms from exposure to everyday harmful bacterias and allergens. This is necessary to build your babies immunity and to help them fight off infections.

You should aim to do skin to skin contact after bathing your baby to develop their immunity and breathe in that new born baby scent!

The wash is completely fragrance free and both dermatologically tested and pediatrician approved.

Mega Mild Moisture Milk

My Expert Midwife Mega Mild Moisture Milk

Newborn baby soft skin is so precious, it can be extra susceptible to irritants and prone to drying. The Mild Moisture milk is the perfect moisturiser to add hydration back into babies skin after bathtime!

It’s important to choose a lightweight, hydrating lotion with all natural ingredients, to maintain the softness and sooth babies skin. The Moisture Milk contains hydrating and softening grape, argan and rosehip oils and soothing oat kernel to moisturise dry areas in the most gentle way possible.

No Harm Bum Balm Nappy Rash Cream

No Harm Bum Balm Nappy Rash Cream

The worst possible feeling as a new mama is knowing your baby is uncomfortable and there’s nothing you can do to save them!

That’s why it’s so essential to find a fast acting nappy rash cream to eradicate any soreness and keep your bundle of joy happy. The bum balm contains fast acting ingredients to target any broken skin in a gentle non harmful way. Perfect for protecting baby.

Totally Immense Dribble Defence – Baby Skin Barrier CreamMy Expert Midwife Totally Immense Dribble Defence

Another ordeal all new babies have to go through is the teething process, which can cause your baby to dribble excessively, causing the skin around the mouth to become chaffed and raw.

Dribble defence was made to applied to the area around the mouth to prevent this thin skin from becoming irritated. Specially formulated with lanolin for skin protection, calendula which soothes and calms inflamed skin and nourishing castor and grapeseed oil this gentle but effective dribble barrier creates a nourishing and soothing barrier between your baby’s skin and their dribble.

Super Charged Skin Salve – Baby Cream for Dry SkinMy Expert Midwife Super Charged Skin Salve

Super charged skin salve is an anti-inflammatory salve to target any inflammation or dry spots instantly.

Formulated with calendula, this salve is fast acting and soothing for baby to soothe and calm inflamed skin, castor oil and shea butter and lanolin for skin protection this gentle but effective skin salve targets specific areas of your babies skin that need soothing.

If your baby suffers from skin issues such as eczema, this product is a must have!

Mega Calm Massage Balm Oil for Babies

My Expert Midwife Mega Calm Massage Balm

Messaging is the perfect way to bond with baby, touch and human contact is so important for developing your babies idea of you and the world around them.

Massaging babies provides an important source of stimulation involving the sensation of touch (tactile stimulation) and this stimulation promotes development and well-being as early psychological and sensory input is vital in facilitating an infant’s development. 
Massage also has an array of physical benefits for baby, such as aiding in digestion, reducing any inflammation, increasing circulation and just keeping them happy!
This massage balm contains the most natural base of sweet almond oil, soothing and calming calendula and oat kernel oil with.
All Expert Midwife products mentioned are suitable for newborns, have been dermatologically tested, pediatrician approved, fragrance free and suitable for eczema and sensitive skin.
We love this range for newborns!
The range can be found at Boots and other pharmacies nationwide.