Feeding From Newborn To Next Stage

During my most recent visit to Eurobaby I wanted to focus on the products I’m going to need for feeding my baby girl from newborn to next stage.

When it comes to feeding it can be somewhat overwhelming and hard to choose what products to buy as there are hundreds of options from bottles and pumps to next stage feeding accessories and highchairs

After meeting with Angelina over at Eurobaby I compiled a list of the best available feeding products from newborn to next to stage that will help you in choosing what’s best for you and your baby.

Dr.Browns Options+ Anti-Colic Starter Kit

The Dr Browns Options + Anti Colic range is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of colic and can be used from birth.  This range is suitable for babies who suffer from colic, and for those who don’t, to help prevent & relieve the symptoms of colic.

The unique internal green vent system creates 100% vacuum free feeding, which is clinically proven to help reduce wind related colic. This is what makes Dr Brown’s the number one choice of UK Health Professionals for the relief of colicky symptoms.

The breast-like teat shape is correctly contoured for a proper latch and a more natural bottle-feeding experience – perfect for switching from breast to bottle and back again! Each teat is specially engineered to offer the same consistent natural flow, so you and baby know what to expect in every feed.

Dr Brown’s Options + grows with baby, allowing easy removal of the vent system when baby no longer experiences feeding problems, or you want the convenience of a teat-vented bottle. The teat venting creates a controlled flow, offering babies an easy and convenient way to feed at their own pace. The complete feeding system that grows with baby and helps alleviate the symptoms of windy colic

Priced at €45 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online here:

Dr.Browns Steam Steriliser and Dryer

Keeping with the Dr. Browns brand, this product makes cleaning easy peasy. The steriliser and dryer steam cleans 99.9% of bacteria, mold & yeast. The included hepa filters capture up to 95% of airborne particles, ensuring purified air for superior drying. Each HEPA filter lasts for up to 6 months – for a full year of filtration! Easy-use lets you sterilise only, dry only, or combo sterilise and dry. The basket is designed so that every Dr. Browns bottle fits perfectly. This product is a must have for any new mums.

Features include:

  • Each HEPA filter lasts for up to 6 months – for a full year of filtration
  • An included measuring cup makes adding new water easy, while the included accessory tray lets you keep it all organized when loading.
  • The removable basket fits all Dr. Brown’s bottles
  • Contents stay sterilized for up to 24 hours if the lid is unopened after the completion of the cycle – meaning you can keep your bottles and parts stored inside with no contamination.

Priced at €165 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online here:

Dr Browns Warmer + Sterilizer 

Another brilliant product from Dr. Browns is the Dr Browns Warmer + Sterilizer. It includes an easy to use and programmable LCD screen with settings to warm a variety of bottles no matter the size, type or starting temperature.

Electric steam is used to warm the bottles, while the audio and visual alerts notify you of when the bottles are ready. It even has an auto 60 second shut off once the bottles cycle is complete!

Features include:

  • Audible alarm with auto-shut off prevents overheating
  • New LCD screen with one-button start and last-setting memory for faster warming
  • Large water reservoir warms several bottles before refilling
  • Safe sterilizer eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, mould, and the yeast that causes thrush from parts, pacifiers, and a whole bottle

Priced at €81.95 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online here:

Ardo Alyssa Double Electric Breast Pump

The Alyssa Pump is a compact, electric, wireless, cordless, rechargeable pump with hassle free mobility used by mums all over the world. The pump itself protects milk from being infected by radicals or bacterial agents.

When fully charged the pump allows for 8 pumps, making it less time consuming to pump, bottle and store your milk.

Features include:

  • Portable, medical standard breastpump
  • Closed-system protects against pathogens
  • Memory Plus saves personalised sessions
  • Power Pumping function increases milk supply
  • MyArdo app to control from smartphone
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Single or double expression

Priced at €240 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online:

Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breast Pump

The Calypso Pump has extra features such as a stylish travel bag and a built in calculator. This pump is also electronic, double and portable, whilst claiming the title of the quietest breast pump on the market! The pump can be used at all hours of the day or night because of this silent feature. You can send your baby off to sleep and pump right next to them!

The Calypso comes with all breastfeeding accessories you may need, along with ability to calculate the exact amounts of milk you will need for not one but two babies!

Features include:

  • Recommended by hospitals
  • Quietest breast pump on the market
  • In stimulation mode or in expression mode, vacuum and cycles can be individually adjusted at any time
  • Stylish cool bag included
  • Can be used either with mains or a battery-powered unit
  • Conversion handle included so that it can be used as a manual pump as well
  • Three different breast shell sizes included
  • Complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents, thanks to “Vacuum Seal” technology
  • Optiflow actively massages the breast

Priced at €250 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online:

Ardo Easy Freeze Breast Milk Storage Bags

Ardo definitely takes the title of convenience with their double pumps and breast milk storage bags! These storage bags are optimal for feeding time. You can pack your freezer full making sure you never ever run out of fresh milk.

The freezer bags are pre-sterilised and easily zip lock to prevent any spillage. Simply pump, store and defrost – how convenient for new mums?

Features include:

  • Recommended by hospitals
  • BPA and PVC Free – Pre-sterilised bags
  • Express breast milk directly into the Easy Freeze bag
  • Each bag holds approx. 180 ml of milk
  • The integrated heat indicator shows when the milk is warm
  • A hygienic chamber-system protects the milk from contamination
  • The premium-quality, FDA tested double coating protects against odours
  • The handy zip-fastening is leak-proof when closed
  • A filled bag will stand on its own

Priced at €12.95 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online:

Fraupow Milk Storage Bottles 3 Pack

These bottles are perfect for storing breast milk! They’re also freezer safe, can be stored in the fridge for a fast fix and are made of bio durable materials.  The set comes complete with x 3 compact durable bottles designed for easy storing and features include:

•Pack of 3

•Leakproof spiral seal

•Strong + durable PP material

•Removable silicone cap for feeding

•Ideal for breast milk storage + feeding

•Can be used with a teat ( available separately)

•Sterilize after every use

•Thermal resistance -20 to 100c

Priced at €16.99 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online here:

Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump

The Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump is the future of breastfeeding – you can be doing literally anything and have this pumping away under your clothes!

It’s super simple and easy to use (there’s no wires, no plugs and no-hassle) even the shape is designed to mimic your bra – simply pop it in  and go about your day! The pump uses advanced air-pressure pulse technology that expresses milk but avoids irritation and discomfort. You can set the pump to the pressure you’re most comfortable with.

It’s made from lightweight, durable and BPA-free silicone materials and is discreet enough to wear under clothing.

Features Include:

•BPA free
•Timing display
•Light-up LCD display
•Worn inside your bra
•Hands-free + wireless
•Battery level indicator
•Charging port USB type C
•12 different intensity levels
•Air pressure pulse technology
•Anti-leak + hands-free design
•Made from food-grade silicone
•Strong battery life up to 90mins
•Powerful suction 230-300mmhg
•30-minute automatic shut off time
•3 modes: massage, auto + expression

Priced at €95.95 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online here:

NUK Perfect Starter Kit

Regardless of whether you are combining bottle and breastfeeding or would just like to get your baby used to drinking from a bottle – the NUK Nature Sense Teat offers you and your little one a natural drinking experience. The several tiny openings of the teat are modelled on the milk ducts in a mother’s breast and make the NUK Nature Sense a bottle with which babies can enjoy a familiar feeling when drinking and, above all else, a natural flow.

The soft zone is gentle on the top of baby’s delicate mouth and the wide lip rest lets your baby latch on in a natural way. The innovative anti-colic vent makes it possible to drink as if from the breast without a pause which helps prevent your baby swallowing air and reduces the risk of colic.

Features include:

  • 2 x NUK Nature Sense 150 ml Bottle with silicone 0-6 months with small teat for breast milk
  • 2 x NUK Nature Sense 260 ml Bottle with silicone 6-18 months with medium teat for breast milk and formula
  • 1 x NUK Genius Silicone Soother 0-6 months, right for the jaw, with anatomically-shaped mouth shield, particularly soft and flexible
  • 1 x Transparent NUK Soother Cover
  • 1 x Bottle brush
  • NUK Teats are approved by the Oral Health Foundation
  • Teat have several tiny openings modeled on a mother’s breast give an optimal, smooth and natural flow
  • 92% of babies accepted the natural-looking teat
  • 99% of mothers would recommend Nature Sense to others
  • 98% of mothers confirmed that the tiny openings create a natural drinking experience
  • Wide neck bottles, flexible lip rest with extra-soft teat tip similar to a mother’s nipple
  • Innovative anti-colic vent helps prevent air being swallowed
  • Bottles are high-quality hard wearing  polypropylene (PP)
  • For safety and hygiene purposes we recommend that you replace teats after 1-2 months of use or whenever they start to show signs of wear
  • BPA Free

Priced at €29.95 you can shop in store at Eurobaby and online here:

NUK Rapid Baby Food & Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer is great quick fix if you need your babies bottle warmed up ASAP. Due to the convenient design and small size, the rapid baby food and bottle warmer would be ideal for travelling to cut down on the heavy cargo.

The warmer makes any parents life easier as it brings the milk and the babies food to the correct temperature. Babies milk is heated within 90 seconds while retaining all nutrients and vitamins. The warmer is so easy to use – all you need to do is fill it with water, pop the bottle in, wait 90 seconds and go!

Features include:

  • Warms baby food quickly and gently with steam in just 90 Seconds*
  • Easy to check with a light to indicate the warming phase
  • Switches off automatically at the end of the warming phase
  • Extra safe thanks to overheat protection
  • Comes with a practical basket for removing glass jars and bottles easily

Priced at €25 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

NUK Micro Express Plus Mirowave Steam Steriliser

The NUK micro steriliser is extremely handy for when you don’t have the time to sterilise lots of your baby’s things at once. This express steriliser uses the hospital effective steam sterilisation method.

It’s important to be sterilising your babies bottle, soother & food utensils after each use due to the babies impaired immunity. The immune system only develops throughout the first few months to two years of your babies life. This leaves baby susceptible to nasty bacterial infections along with any kind of toxins and free radicals in the air. A microwave steriliser may be just what you need!

Features include:

  • Perfect for daily use and whilst travelling
  • Cleans and sterilises effectively in only 4 minutes
  • Fits most bottles and microwaves
  • Extra large capacity for up to 4 x 300 ml bottles and accessories
  • Pack includes tongs for hygienic and safe removal of sterilised bottles and accessories

Priced at €34.95 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Vital Baby Microwave Steriliser Bags

This product is an essential for every parent as it completely sterilises your baby products without any effort! Like the steriliser mentioned above, these bags just pop into the microwave for a quick sterilisation process, completely hassle free.

Perfect if you’re short on space, time or if your baby drops their bottles/soothers often. These tiny bags kill 99.9% of bacteria within 3 minutes!

Features include:

  • kills 99.9% bacteria in just 3 minutes*
  • quick & easy sterilisation
  • 30 uses per bag – that’s 150 uses per pack!
  • new and improved durable zip-lock closing mechanism
  • 100% chemical free, just add water
  • perfect for use in less spacious kitchens and when you’re away from home
  • each bag can fit up to 3 bottles, teats, collars & caps in one go
  • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free

Priced at €8 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Babymoov Nutribaby + Food Processor

This award winning baby food processor is ideal for parents who plan on making their baby’s food from scratch! This is the only processor on the market which offers 5-in-1 cooking functions including a large capacity steamer and blender which double up to sterilise baby bottles, reheat and defrost prepared meals and more.

Nutribaby + also features the cooking vessel in the base of the steamer where you can cook pulses, oats, pasta and other grains too. 

Much of the baby food on the market contains harmful chemicals and preservatives which, when fed to your baby overtime, can impair their health – especially in adulthood. Making baby food from scratch as well as steaming veggies and cooking hearty healthy meals for them is a sure fire way to make sure you have a healthy, vibrant bundle of joy!

Features include:

  • XXL capacity 2200ml: steaming 1500ml, blending 700ml
  • It’s easy to clean, each of the parts being dishwasher safe
  • Removable parts : baskets, trays, and blending blade for easy cleaning, all dishwasher safe
  • Easy storage: removable units
  • Soft steam cooking with 2 independent steaming baskets (fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, pasta, eggs…)
  • Automatic timer to cook every ingredient to perfection
  • Saves cooking water for use in purées and soups to maximise nutrients benefit
  • 3 blending speed for the perfect texture
  • Can cook and blend at the same time

Priced at €174.90 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Babymoov Babybols Storing Pots

Babybols are great for storing your babies food, especially homemade from the babymoov processor! They’re leak proof, compact, perfect for popping in your baby bag and even travelling. They’re perfect for batch cooking, storing, freezing and warming up baby’s food!

Features include:

  • Stackable bowls for easy storage and travel
  • Transparent and writable surface for easy labelling
  • Screw-on airtight lid, 100% leak proof
  • Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Easy portioning with visible graduations
  • Choose from 3 available sizes 120ml, 180ml or 250ml

Priced at €7.90 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Chicco Boppy Nursing Pillow

The Boppy Nursing Pillow is great for keeping both mother and baby in the correct alignment when breastfeeding. If the baby is in the wrong position they may be unable to grip the nipple causing tugging and general discomfort leading to irritated breasts, ouch!

For this reason, the Boppy is the perfect pillow and it keeps your baby so comfy! The Boppy can also be used for propping when your baby is 3+ months, tummy time 6+ months and even sitting after 12 months! it’s an all-rounder and available in 4 cute pattern options.

Features include:

  • The internal padding is made exclusively from fibres which do not lose their shape or compactness over time; this guarantees baby soft, stable and safe support

    No more tired arms and neck

  • Boppy is a great way for parents to feed their baby in an ergonomically correct position, reducing tiring and sometime painful stress on the shoulders caused by poor posture
  • It has a special exclusive shape and the materials used guarantee a snug and secure fit that adapts to the shape of every parent. Both the Boppy slipcovers and pillow can be machine-washed at 30° and machine-dried to guarantee perfect hygiene in minutes
  • Its exclusive padding maintains the original shape of the pillow even after endless washes and drying
  • A range of accessory slipcovers are available separately allowing parents to choose the patterns they prefer from day to day, and also ensures they have a spare cover when it needs changing
  • Boppy is not only a feeding pillow, it is also an exceptionally versatile product which can be used for propping, tummy time and sitting as your baby grows and develops
  • The Boppy Pillow has been tested by Osservatorio Chicco – the Baby Research Centre which recommends it as the most simple and ideal aid for mothers and babies during breastfeeding and beyond
  • The Osservatorio Chicco, Baby Research Centre, is a research facility dedicated to the knowledge of the development of children from 0 to 3 years of age and their psycho-physical, emotional and social needs, in constant collaboration with the medical-scientific world, baby experts and parents.

Priced at €49.96 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Now that we’ve covered feeding from newborn to next stage, it’s time to look at the best highchairs on the market which are as equally important!

Chicco Polly Magic Relax Highchair – Graphite

The Chicco Polly Magic is a great highchair option for newborns as it can be used from birth all way up to three years old. The reducer cushion is made specifically to grow with your baby, adapting as they mature and keeping baby safe and relaxed.

The range of 6 height adjustments allows your child to sit at the table with the family, further solidifying the bond between parent and child.

The toy bar of cute plushies is sure to keep your child entertained, it even includes a teething ring for sore gums! An ideal feeding chair for all stages.

Features include:

  • Suitable From: Birth to 3 years approx
  • Reducer cushion keeps baby comfy and safe
  • Suitable as a newborn chair for babies from 0 to 6 months
  • Suitable as a highchair for babies from 6 to 12 months
  • Suitable as a table chair for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years
  • Entertaining toy bar can be easily removed
  • Toy with soft ring is ideal for relief during teething
  • Removable tray cover is idea for feeding
  • Large practical storage basket

The chair comes in these colour options:

  • Graphite
  • Cocoa
  • Moonstone

Priced at €219.00 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Baby Elegance Nup Nup Highchair

The Baby Elegance Nup Nup is also designed for new borns all the way up to 3 years old. You can adjust the recline of Nup Nup with 3 different settings and 7 different heights so your baby can also sit by you and the family at the dinner table.

The design of the Nup Nup is simple yet elegant, perfect for modern style homes if you fear the colour clashing with your kitchen!

The toy bar is sold separately and can be added on as an extra to keep your baby amused.

Features include:

  • Suitable from birth – 15 kg approx. 3 years old
  • 3 recline positions
  • 7 height adjustments
  • Comfy leg rest
  • Wipe clean seat
  • Removable dish washer friendly tray

Priced at €118.00 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Baby Elegance E-Nup High Chair & Baby Swing

The E-Nup Swinging Highchair is packed full of cool features to make your baby excited for dinner time! This highchair can also be used up to three years old and reclined for newborns.

Your baby will absolutely love spending time in this chair as it can be adjusted into a swinging mode and even plays music through the built in speakers! Once you download the e-swing app, you can immediately play your babies favourite tunes. The tray can be removed and popped into the dishwasher for easy clean up too! As if you need any more reason to buy this chair!

Features include:

  • Dishwasher-safe removable tray
  • Automatic swing mode with 3 levels
  • Built in music or Bluetooth connection
  • 5-point safety harness and safety bar
  • Lie-back recline for newborns
  • 3-position recline and 7 height adjustments
  • Converts to low chair and junior dining chair
  • Freestanding compact fold at a click
  • Dimensions: 105L x 83W x 60Hcm
  • Folded Dimensions: 91L x 28W x 60Hcm

Priced at €229.00 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Mamas & Papas Snax High Chair

If simplicity is your thing the Snax high chair from Mama’s and Papa’s is a great choice. The chair has a variety of different positions along with a wipe clean seat that keeps mealtimes easy and comfortable for your baby.

The Snax high chair is suitable for babies from 6 months old. The Snax includes a handy storage basket where you can store all of your mealtime essentials and even folds completely compactly with the tray attached for your convenience.

This is a great chair which prioritises your babies comfort and safety due to the five point harness.

  • Suitable from: 6months – 3years (approx)
  • A variety of height and recline positions for added comfort
  • Folds down with a removable tray, for easy storage
  • Wipe clean seat pad for added comfort and easy cleaning
  • 6 height adjustments to fit different table sizes
  • 3 recline positions- offers added comfort when eating
  • Removable tray with 3 lockable positions
  • Includes a handy storage basket
  • Remove the tray insert for easy cleaning
  • The 5 point safety harness keeps baby secure
  • Includes castors so you can move Snax easily

The Snax is available in 5 print options:

  • Happy Planet
  • Grey Spot
  • Alphabet Floral
  • Safari
  • Jungle

Priced at 117.00 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Maxi Cosi Minla Baby Highchair

The possibilities with this chair are endless, it’s a six-in-one wonder chair which can be used from birth all the way up to when your child is grown. This chair has five recline positions, four tray positions and can even be used as an infant seat! The fabric is waterproof on this comfy, stylish and convenient highchair!

Features include:

  • Suitable from birth
  • Six different ways to sit
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Compact folding design
  • 5 recline positions
  • 4 tray positions
  • 9 different heights for when your child grows

You can choose from three colour options:

  • Essential Grey
  • Essential Blue
  • Essential Graphite

Priced at €167.99 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Cosatto Noodle 0+ Highchair

Cosatto are famous for their adorable patterns and extravagant design and these chairs are no different. The joyful nature motifs are sure to keep your baby happy and at peace during mealtimes.

The Noodle is easy to clean, has 7 height settings, is simple to store, adjust and is suitable from birth.

The Noodle has recently added a reclining cradle feature which makes baby feel safe and secure.

Features include:

  • Suitable from birth to 15 Kg (approximately 3 years). That’s one exciting food journey.
  • Reclining cradle function from 0-6 months.
  • 7 height position adjustable seat. No need to bend with this adjustable friend.
  • Pop-off easy-clean trays.
  • Top tray safe in dishwasher on eco-setting.
  • Wipe-clean padded seat cover.
  • Upper tray has cup holder.
  • Removeable trays so baby can join you at the table for chat and bonding.
  • 5 position seat recline and adjustable calf support for all stage comfort.
  • Comfy cosy liner for your baby’s comfort.
  • Easy to use compact fold. When you need the room for dancing. Fast.
  • Folds flat and free-standing with handy tray storage.
  • Fully removable seat pad and trays for easy cleaning. Tidy teatimes.
  • Compulsory 5 point safety harness. Noodle 0+ is super secure.
  • Seat pommel prevents seat slip-downs.
  • Complies with BS EN 14988:2017

The Noodle Is available in the following patterns:

  • Flutterby Butterfly
  • Unicorn Land
  • Dragon Kingdom
  • Strictly Avocados
  • Mister Fox
  • Midnight Jungle
  • Fika Forest

Priced at €184.95 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair 

The 3Sixti can be described as highchair heaven, with 6 options  swivelling, a futuristic design and a smart thinking system.

This highchair is perfect for parent and child bonding, as you can swivel the chair in any direction so that you can keep connected with your baby at all times! Long gone are the times of having to adjust the chair by hand.

If you’re one of those parents who feels they need eyes in the back of their head 24/7 or have a mischevious baby who can cause havoc in 60 seconds, then this is the chair for you!

Suitable from 6 months on, easy to clean and move around, hassle free and perfect for weaning!

Features include:

  • Suitable from 6 months
  • 6 position 360° swivel for ‘up-to-the-table’ feeding
  • Easy gas-lift multiple height positions
  • 3 position reclining back rest
  • Super compact base
  • Adjustable, washable 2 part tray
  • Removable tray so baby can join you at the table
  • Fully removable, comfy padded wipe-clean cushion
  • Under-base roller for ease of transportation
  • Free 4 year guarantee (UK & Ireland only)

Priced at €249.99 you can shop online or in store at Eurobaby here:

As you can see from the many options available, choosing how to feed your baby is just as important as anything else!

The choice of bottles,  breast pump, highchairs etc is endless. Eurobaby are stockists of some the best baby brands in Ireland and can help you decide what’s best for you and your little one.

I hope that this article can give other first time mums or expecting parents a starting point for your baby on the way!

You can shop any of the feeding products featured, in store at Eurobaby at Airside, Swords or on the Long Mile Road or online at

Eurobaby also offer a price match on all products found at other official stockists and they also offer PAYMENT PLANS with humm, so you can buy now and pay later in a way that is comfortable and convenient for you.

If you’d like more information on any of the products featured above, or would like to see them up close and personal, watch the latest episode of my Baby On The Way Series over on YouTube here: