Get The Weekly Food Shop For Just €50!

I’m absolutely delighted to be partnering with Fit Foods  over the next few months!

Because I’m a high risk pregnancy I was advised not to exercise for the first 12 weeks and now that I’ve successfully made it past that point I’ve been advised to just take it easy for the duration of the pregnancy.

Obviously I’m conscious that I’m not exercising the way I used to and as much as every pound and stretch mark will be 100% worth it when I get to meet my beautiful healthy baby in a few months time, I still don’t want to let my body get out of control and have a huge task ahead of me in terms of getting back in shape.

So I couldn’t think of a better partner than Fit Foods,  a family owned and run Irish business specialising in low calorie, macro friendly, clean (no MSG) & healthy ready meals, breakfasts and soups 👌 

Fit Foods meals are predominately gluten free recipes (except the pasta and noodles) and they are super convenient which is why I LOVE them – the ready meals only need 4 minutes in the microwave & they are freezer friendly – so you can stock up! 

I did my weekly shop and was surprised to find that all my meals which will have me sorted for the entire week came in at just €50!

Fit Foods meals are available in Dunnes and Lidl stores nationwide including NI however, I like to place my orders online at Dublin Meat Company because you can order custom bundles like the one I ordered above.

By placing an order on Dublin Meat Company you can also select same-day delivery (which is AMAZING!) or you can pick a day & time that suits. Click & collect in any of the Dublin shops is also available for all online orders.

Not only are the meals low in calories, nutritious and delicious, they also have an incredible price point too!

€50 got me: 

  • x5 Fit Foods Dinners 🍽
  • x5 Fit Foods Lunches (soups + protein pots)
  • x1 Sweet Potato Pizza 🍕 
  • x3 Ginger Shots 
  • x1 Chocolate Protein Cookie 🍪 

That basically has me covered for the entire week in terms of lunches & dinners! I like to leave at least 1 or 2 days free of organised meal planning because sometimes life happens and I tend to eat out on weekends. However, it makes me feel great that I am planning my meals Monday to Friday as part of controlled diet during pregnancy.

I will create another editorial later in the week with my favourites from the Fit Foods range but in the meantime you can access the full nutritional information for all meals, soups and snacks on

*This post is sponsored by Fit Foods*