Killin’ Kylie’s Lips


Whether you think she’s had work done or whether you think she’s just genius at applying lipliner, one thing’s for sure, everyone is obsessed with Kylie Jenner and her lips.

I don’t think anyone of us will ever really know if she’s had her lips done but regardless, I am about to show you a teeny bit of makeup trickery that will give you that Kylie Jenner look without the surgery or the price tag.


The two products I have used to create Kylie’s pretty pout are NYX Cosmetics Lipliner in Natural and Mac Cosmetics Lipstick in Fleshpot.

Lipliners are so important and I don’t think women realise the necessity of having them in their makeup bags or what they can actually do. When used they can create illusions to make your lips look smaller, bigger, darker or pouty, depending on your choice of colour and application.

When creating the Kylie look, I would always go for a shade of lipliner slightly darker to whatever colour lipstick you are using because this is the easiest way to help define or exaggerate the contours of your lips. Also, when used with lipstick they help prevent feathering, bleeding or cracking.

IMG_1988 IMG_2043

First of all, start by warming up your lipliner by moving it back and forth on the back of your hand – this will make it nice and soft and waxy and it will just glide on to your lips. To get the Kylie look you must draw outside of your natural lipline to give the illusion that your lips are bigger than they actually are.

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