Liposomal Vitamin C Vs Regular Vitamin C Supplement

In my last post, I highlighted how important adequate levels of Vitamin C are for every person, young and old. It’s so important to supplement this if you don’t get enough from food sources or a multivitamin throughout the day. Vitamin C (absorbic acid) is an essential nutrient needed by the body to form blood vessels, cartilage, collagen and muscle mass.

With the current freezing cold weather, Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins to boost your immunity and fight against the dreaded seasonal cold and flu. A very important factor here is the format of Vitamin C and knowing the best supplement to take so that it actually does the job it’s supposed to!

Many supplements on the market are made with synthetic fillers and bulking agents which can contain toxic chemicals. Refined sugars, sweeteners, colours and artificial flavourings are also present in most Vitamin C supplements.

The best possible form of any vitamin are bioavailability forms, with the vitamin being the active ingredient.

Liposomal Vitamin C is the best possible format because it helps to protect the Vitamin C as it is travelling through the blood stream. Liposomes are bioavailable, this means that the Vitamin C is completely utilised by the body.

This is the reason I’ve opted to take the Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C throughout my pregnancy, as I know I am getting the best supplement for myself and my baby girl 👶🏼

When comparing the Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C to a well known generic brand of Vitamin C on the market, it’s clear to see how much better this brand is for you than others. The Liposomal Vitamin C contains minimal ingredients, which support the active ingredient of Vitamin C.

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C contains:

Quali™-C Vitamin C (from European sodium ascorbate)

1000 mg

Phospholipids (from sunflower seed lecithin)

250 mg


125 mg


Other ingredients: water, glycerin, ethanol, natural citrus oils.

The generic Vitamin C we compared Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C to contains:

  • Vitamin C, Bulking Agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose)
  • Anti-Caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide)
  • Rosehip Powder (Rosa canina)
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids (Citrus aurantium)
  • Glazing Agents (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerine, Carnauba Wax)

It’s clear to see which form of Vitamin C is better for you through this stark comparison. Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C only contains ingredients which support the work of Vitamin C when travelling into the blood stream. The other brand contains unnecessary ingredients to bulk up the product, which can be harmful when taken overtime.

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C supplement can:

✔️ Offer a strong antioxidant protection

✔️ Enable high-level dosing without intravenous application

✔️ Promote collagen formation and tissue repair

✔️ Support the immune system

✔️ Bioavailabile formula

✔️ Protects the vitamin C until it gets through the blood stream

✔️ Pregnancy safe

✔️ High dosage

✔️ Liposome is superior to all other forms of vitamin C!

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C from Life Extension Europe is allergen tested, pregnancy safe, Non GMO, vegan and gluten free.

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