Makeup Storage Of Dreams…

Lots of you will know that I recently got my hands on NEW makeup storage from HerClutterBox, makeup storage of DREAMS to be precise…

I decided to write a little in depth review on HerClutterBox as it’s a little expensive so I felt it best to give you as much information as possible before you decide to make the splurge.

All ClutterBoxes are handmade using a high-grade virgin acrylic – a specific type of acrylic that gives ClutterBoxes their crystal clear appearance and reduces glue or bubble defects. Acrylic is an extremely durable material and is in fact, stronger, lighter and safer than glass.

Specially designed drawer knobs make it easy to pull and push the drawers in and out and it also prevents any grubby fingers stains on the drawers. The knobs are round in shape and just the perfect size to grab hold off.

There’s also nothing worse than a drawer that won’t open – ClutterBoxes are designed with E-Z slide drawer features that glide in and out  with ease.

The lid is designed to lift up and all the way to the back of the ClutterBox allowing you to keep taller products on the top shelf.

When you buy a ClutterBox you’ll find 3 sets of handy dividers that come inside. The dividers are designed to be completely adjustable allowing you to organise your makeup just the way YOU like it.

I opted for a Crystal Clear 6 Drawer ClutterBox:

With 1 extra deep base drawer, 4 standard drawers AND a small drawer on the multi-use top level, this really is the ultimate in makeup organisation.

It also includes a makeup brush / lipstick holder which can also be removed, allowing you to use the compartment to hold taller, bulkier products. It comes with not 3 but 4 sets of grid dividers, allowing you to custom organise compartments exactly the way YOU want.

The lid is designed to sit flat against the back of the makeup organiser so you can use the top drawer as a shelf to keep all your taller products.

It’s priced at €279 but you can use the code WOWHCB for €20 off your order.

I also went for the spinning lipstick and powder tower:

But let’s face it, with my addiction to lipsticks ZERO powders made the cut lol!

The tower can can house up to 72 lipsticks and 16 eyeshadow/powder palettes.  The side compartments can be used to store items such as makeup brushes and lip pencils.

It’s priced at €99 but you can use the code WOWHCB for €20 off your order.

I also had a Crystal Clear 5 Drawer ClutterBox to give away and I’m delighted to announce that the lucky winner is………………………………

Massive congratulations to @facesbyme_emma!

As always, thank you SO much to everyone who entered, there’s never ANY shortage of competitions across my platforms and if you fancy your chances at the next one, I have an incredible 150 product hamper worth thousands that will be given away to one lucky peach once I hit 300k on Facebook…

To enter, head to my Facebook page – www.facebook.com/peachesog