My Great Lengths update… 3 weeks in.

I have my Great Lengths hair extensions in 3 weeks today and I thought I would give you all a little update as to how I’m getting on with them. Hair extensions can be quite a costly procedure and I believe it’s important to explore every avenue before making such a big financial commitment so hopefully my advice over the next few weeks/months will give you all the information you need if it’s something you’ve been thinking about.

Great Lengths hair extensions are made of real, ethically sourced human hair and only certified hair stylists trained by Great Lengths are allowed to insert them, ensuring no botched jobs. The hair comes in lengths ranging from 20cm for bulking out short hair and fringes all the way to 60cm for the Rapunzels at heart.  I opted for 45cm to add a little bit of length to my already naturally long hair with the emphasis being primarily on thickness.


These pictures were taken on February 8th, the day I had my Great Lengths applied by Jolene from The Hair Room in Clonsilla. I did experience slight discomfort when they were initially applied, but having previously had micro-bead extensions, the feeling of discomfort was nothing compared to that. When my micro-beads were initially applied it was agonising to sleep on them and I must admit, upon leaving Jolene’s salon, I was slightly worried. But something was different this time… Even though I had the most fullest, thickest head of hair I have ever had in my life, these extensions were virtually weightless and I slept like a baby that night. I couldn’t even feel the bonds when I was lying on my pillow and in comparison, micro-beads feel like you’re sleeping on bricks!! This amazing curly blow-dry Jolene gave me lasted a good 5 days as well and compared to previous extensions, they never held a curl like that.

So… I guess I better show you guys these amazing itzy bitzy mini bonds I’m raving about…


And…. You can’t even see them when they’re tied up!!!


Albeit, washing them is a bit of a nightmare, if you class having a big wet mop down to your bum that takes at least 30 minutes to blow-dry a nightmare. In their defence though you get double the time out of a standard blow-dry which kind of makes up for it.  Due to the length of mine they are kind of prone to getting a bit knotty at the ends but along with deep conditioning them, I also use Revlon Professional Equave Instant Beauty Hydro Detangling Conditioner as a leave in when my hair is wet. It instantly detangles the hair and leaves it moisturised, soft and shiny while repairing the capillary structure of dry, damaged hair. The upper phase cares for and protects the external part of the hair and the lower phase revitalises, hydrates and nourishes. This brush that I purchased at The Hair Room is also a lifesaver when it comes to nasty tangles and removes them with ease.


They also look stunning when blow-dried straight and feel like silk once they have been treated and styled.


So far so good! I’m looking forward to sending you guys more updates and giving you more tips, tricks and words of advice if you are also thinking about having Great Lenghts applied. The added bonus is, Jolene is offering all my followers 10% discount too!! Just follow the link to her Facebook page where you can pop her a mail for more information