NYC’s New Stubborn Stain

I tried out these NYC New York Color Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stain’s recently and they are the quickest stain power I have ever come across as a MUA. The Stain’s are an all-new collection and come in 6 shades. They are lighter than a lipstick, have none of the stickiness of a gloss and all the staying power of a stain.

This is a sneak peek look at the collection as they won’t hit shelves until February. From left to right: In The Spotlight, Get Noticed & Perpetually Mauve.


I had another 3 colour to test after I applied these 3 stains and I would say they were on no more than 30 seconds from when I applied all three and took the photo. And this was the aftermath…


It is literally like ink and but it’s important to note, you can choose the vibrancy of the stain. 1 coat gives you a fresh tint, 2 coats create a bright block of colour and 3 coats gives you a truly saturated look. The picture on the left is most definitely “truly saturated” but alas, I was left with the job of removing it before I tested the next 3. To remove a heavily pigmented product like this I would recommend using Make Up For Ever Extreme Cleanser as it is literally like the Cillit Bang of makeup removers!


From left to right: On Everyone’s Lips, Faithful Coral & Unforgettable Fuchsia.


Again after about 30 seconds I was left with 3 new semi-permanent tattoos…


I do love them though!! And for only €3.49 each!! Just be cautious when applying it layer by layer. Go slowly and find your desired colour with care and precision and by god stay inside the lines or you’ll be left with clown lips!!