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Pigment pots are like marmite. Some love em and some hate em. And more often than not, people generally hate them because they are afraid to use them but I really feel that it’s just a case of finding some cool ways, tips & tricks to implement them into your daily routine. In fact, when you know how to use pigments properly you will find that they are one of the best investment pieces in your makeup kit because they can be used in an array of different ways.


Firstly, I wanted to give you an example of what happens when you try to apply pigment directly from the pot on to your skin… Doesn’t look great does it? And this is probably the same result you get when you decide that pigment isn’t for you. But fear not… I have a fool-proof guide on hand that is sure to convince the non-believers.


First things first, the old reliable concealer base. Here I have used Make Up For Ever Lift concealer which is one of my all-time favourite concealers to use around the eye area. Lift Concealer naturally hides dark circles and minor complexion alterations giving you a perfect blank canvas for product application. Enriched in wheat protein, its formula improves the skin tone and smoothes lines around the eyes. For my demonstration I am applying product directly on to the back of my hand but everything will work the exact same way when you are using it on the eye area. So, when I applied my concealer base, I simply picked up some pigment with my brush and pressed it into the concealer to “set” it and voila, look at the intensity the pigment has picked up.

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