Powerscourt Spa Launches Nurturing Treatments Designed For Guests Living With Cancer

Powerscourt has ALWAYS been one of my favourite resorts in the country whether I’m staying overnight, filming for Xposé, attending a meeting or enjoying dinner and drinks.

I was at Powerscourt recently with the Xposé team for Glenda’s Baby Shower and while I was there I met with the Spa Director Kellie Ann who filled me in on all things new at ESPA.

I was particularly interested in hearing all about  the new Nurture and Support Programme which was created in close collaboration with Wellness for Cancer.

Nurture and Support allows those living with cancer the opportunity to have the same ESPA experience as their friends or family in a safe and caring environment.

Beginning with a personal consultation, the gentle rituals are carefully designed to help relax and support at a time needed the most, ultimately helping to aid the reduction of stress and anxiety while promoting inner calm.

The spa therapists have undergone extensive training to ensure their knowledge on the uplifting face and body experiences is thorough, and that they excel in delivering first class treatments that will aid in reducing stress and anxiety for guests undergoing cancer treatment.

Each therapist has been trained and assessed over seven days, incorporating two days by Wellness for Cancer and five days by the ESPA Training Academy.

The ESPA Nurture and Support programme has an emphasis on holistic wellbeing with guests initially guided through breathing and visualisation exercises to steady their breathing, create a sense of calm and make them feel comfortable in that present moment.

Crystals are also used and positioned on the relevant chakras to help balance the mind.

The Be Nurtured Facial, which lasts for 60 minutes, will see guests guided through a detailed consultation to ensure the treatment is tailored to their individual needs and concerns, leaving the skin nourished and radiant.

The Be Nurtured Massage is also 60 minutes and aims to soothe, relax and rebalance the body as the therapist focuses on areas of concern and uses a gentle but rich oil that deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin while calming the mind.

Finally the Be Nurtured Back, Face and Scalp 90 minute massage works to sooth both mind and body and is the ideal treatment to address the main areas of tension – the back, face and scalp.

I thought this was the most amazing thing ever and I really felt passionate about spreading the word near and far. Cancer affects us all whether directly or indirectly and from a personal point of view, I lost the most precious person in my life through cancer five years ago and I still haven’t been able to get over it.

I would have done anything to make my Grandad’s final months, weeks and days as enjoyable as possible and without a doubt I would have brought him to ESPA to relish in these nurturing treatments.

If you would like more information on the Nurture and Support Programme don’t hesitate to contact ESPA directly on +353 1 274 8888.

You can also find lots more information on the website: including special offers, spa guides and a full list of treatments.