Product Sneak Peek: Inglot Christmas Palette

Inglot are about to launch their Limited Edition Christmas Palette and I managed to get my hands on a sneaky peek of one today. 3 words: IT IS PHENOMENAL!

The palette features 10 best-selling Eye Shadow Shades from the Freedom System Collection, in a range of colours from subtle to smokey to pops of colour.


The shadows have a mix of neutral creams and gold, burnt orange, warm browns, rustic burgundy and bold purple making it an all-rounder palette, perfect for day-time AND night-time looks.

I am absolutely dying to use the palette but I just had to swatch the colours the second I lay my hands on it!


First up we have the beautiful burnt orange which is matte, followed by a rich tan/brown with shimmer speckling. Next we have an amazing gold pearl followed by a milk pearl. Last on this row is one of my personal favourites, a matte banana cream colour.

The pigmentation in these are insane! These were one stroke of a finger swatches! You can also see from the picture how nice the texture of the Inglot shadows are, really soft and crumbly.

A trick for avoiding lots of fall out when working with really crumbly eyeshadows is to tap the brush to shake off any excess before applying to the eyelid, AND when applying to the lid, make sure to apply a thing layer of concealer first and then PRESS the shadow into the concealer to SET it.


Moving on to the other side of the palette and we have the smokeys. Again from left to right, first up we have a beautiful matte taupe colour followed by a petrol grey with shimmer speckling. Next up we have a matte charcoal, followed by a bold matte purple and lastly, a beautiful pearl burgundy colour which is probably my favourite on this side!

*all pictures are unfiltered by the way!

The number of the shades included in this limited edition palette are as follows:

351 395 07 608 335

357 458 329 377 450

I am dying to start playing around with this, every single one of the colours are divine and so on trend! The palette is priced at €75 which is pretty reasonable considering you are getting the palette + 10 eyeshadows!

It would be the perfect Christmas present for any makeup lover or anyone who has a desire to become a professional artist as it’s such a versatile palette in terms of achieving any look you want!

You will soon be able to buy in-store but if I were you I’d pre-order one online because they are going to sell out like hot cakes! Follow this link to pre-order yours now: