Product Suggestion #OTD

My product suggestion #OTD has to be this ‘How To Make Brows Wow‘ Box from Essence Cosmetics.


The ‘How To Make Brows Wow’ kit contains everything you need for getting your brows into shape including three different eyebrow powders – one for blondes, brunettes & black-haired beauties – a highlighting powder, an applicator and a mini tweezers. The kit also includes a handy mirror and a styling card with step-by-step instructions for the beginner brow connoisseurs.

Step 1:
First, check and make sure that your eyebrows have the desired shape and length and then correct any annoying, unruly hair with the tweezers.

Step 2:
Use the brush applicator to fill any gaps with the according colour by tracing along the natural shape of your brows.
Tip: Apply the colour with short strokes of the brush for a natural look.

Step 3:
Apply the highlighter underneath your brow bone and on the inner corner of your eye (tear-duct) to highlight the contours of your face.

The ‘How To Make Brows Wow’ kit is priced at just €7.49 and is available now from Penney’s and pharmacies nationwide.