Review: Baby B Browne Tan

I wanted to try out a new tan over the weekend and after reading a great review on Baby B Browne, I decided to try it out for myself.

I have really sensitive skin and have experienced allergic reactions to false tan in the past so I rarely stray away from what I know and trust. False tan can also make my skin very dry and patchy so I tend to look for tans that have nourishing and hydrating formulas or ingredients.

Exfoliation is a huge part of the tanning process and is essential for creating a flawless tan. I posted my current exfoliation ritual over on my Facebook & Instagram on Sunday before I applied my Baby B Browne Lotion.

I must mention that Baby B Browne Self Tannning Lotion ONLY comes in Medium, as the pigment is designed to react with each individuals skin tone. You can however, apply more layers to make it darker and the trick is to let the first layer dry COMPLETELY before applying the second layer!

The Baby B Browne formula is creamy and smooth, blends really easily and instantly tans skin. It’s enriched with Aloe Vera leaving skin soft and hydrated, ensuring a flawless fade – if skin is nourished, it won’t become dry and patchy!


The picture on the left was taken before I applied Baby B Browne  and the picture on the right was taken immediately after I applied – it develops instantly!

It also has a beautiful vanilla scent meaning you can apply it, get dressed and head straight out if you need to! If like me you apply 2 layers of tan, I would wait about 20 minutes before you get dressed  to let the lotion fully absorb into the skin.

The lotion I used is softly fragranced but the professional bottles of Baby B Browne Tan i.e. for spray tan machines & professional use only are FRAGRANCE FREE.

I also moisturise my skin daily with Oil Organic Body Oil and keeping your skin hydrated is vitally important in prolonging the wear of your tan.

FullSizeRender 8

I applied the tan on Sunday 28th February and today, Wednesday 2nd March, I can’t get over how flawless the coverage still is! Still so dark and not a patch in sight!

FullSizeRender 9

I haven’t had an allergic reaction, (these usually take the form of itchy, irritated skin and flakey patches) my skin is really soft and hydrated and it hasn’t ruined any of my clothes!

The guys over at Baby B Browne have also given me a DISCOUNT CODE for you all to use:

Use PEACHES at the till for 25% off

This means you’ll get a bottle for €14.35 instead of €19.15, or if you’re in the UK you’ll pay £11.21 instead of £14.95!

It’s valid from today Wednesday 2nd March until Wednesday 9th March!

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