Review: Catwalk HQ Self-Tan Mousse

I had THE most relaxing time in Marbella over the past week! I didn’t realise how much I needed the rest until I arrived, I was sleeping for about 12 hours a night plus having little naps throughout the day!
I reviewed a new tan while I was over there called Catwalk HQ. In case you haven’t heard much about it, Catwalk HQ is a new and innovative Irish brand whose main focus is to create luxury beauty products through science and innovation. Catwalk HQ products are manufactured in Ireland using only the finest ingredients and components which are cruelty-free, paraben-free and non-toxic.
I applied Catwalk HQ Self-Tan Mousse in Dark on Wednesday night 21/6/2017 ahead of my flight to Marbella on Thursday morning 22/6/2017. I was at the opening of the brand new Urban Decay store on Grafton Street on the evening of the 21st and when I came home I had some last minute packing to do, so by the time I applied it it was around 11pm.
Catwalk HQ Mousse Tan has a colour indicator i.e. it’s quite dark when you initially apply it to ensure you don’t miss any areas. I also found that it blended really well into the skin – there’s nothing worse than a tan that becomes really hard to blend around areas like the wrists and ankles a matter of seconds after contact with the skin. It also has a really nice scent (kind of almondy) when you first apply – one that doesn’t turn to rusty pennies or curry after a couple of hours. I had also changed my bedsheets on Wednesday because I like returning home from holidays to fresh sheets and when I woke up early Thursday morning I didn’t notice any evident stains on the bed. (Phewww!)
My flight to Malaga was at 6.30am on the 22nd so I was up at 4.30am to shower. After just five and a half hours of develpment, and after showering, I had a really deep tan which I was thrilled about.
I didn’t check in a bag therefore I couldn’t take my bottle of Catwalk HQ for top ups throughout the week so I was extremely pleased at how well it had turned out after developing for just a short amount of time. Aside from that I was also really pleased to find that there was no patchiness, streaks or unevenness anywhere on my body especially on my hands, feet and elbows.
Day 2: Friday

 Day 4: Sunday
 Day 6: Tuesday

Day 7:  Wednesday

Day 7:  Wednesday

For the last 7 days (8 days after initial application) I was sunbathing by the pool or the beach for at least 5 hours per day, sporadically jumping in and out of the water and I can honestly say there was absolutely no wear-off whatsoever.

 Not that wear-off would be a bad thing because a sign of a good tan is an even, streak-free wear-off but it appears that the Catwalk HQ blended seamlessly with whatever natural tan I accumulated over the last few days.
Having said that, I’m extremely fair as you all know and it would take me a good 2 weeks to build a natural deep tan but I’m so dark which is leading me to believe the Catwalk HQ maintained it’s colour without fading even up to a week later!
I did however use a few products to help maintain an even, streak-free tan while I was away.
For the entire week I used Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan Accelerating Oil Spray with SPF30. It’s a fast-absorbing, non-greasy, easy to apply oil which combines effective UVA and UVB protection and Melitane – an innovative ingredient that speeds up the skin’s natural tanning process. It nourishes and hydrates the skin leaving it beautifully smooth and glossy.
I don’t take chances on my face, neck and chest and for these areas I use Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face with SPF50. It’s a high protection cream for the face that protects skin from sun-induced age spots and the further development of fine lines & wrinkles. The formula is lightweight,  fast absorbing and comfortable to wear i.e. doesn’t sting the eyes on contact with water! (my pet hate with facial SPF’s!)
Every evening after my shower I applied a generous amount of La Roche-Posay Posthelios Face And Body After-Sun Gel, a paraben-free, replenishing and soothing formula enriched in moisture-restoring agents which help hydrate the skin after sun exposure. Skin feels comforted, soothed and moisturised after use.
I also gently exfoliated every other night using exfoliation gloves, especially around the ankles, wrists and elbows.
I’m so impressed that 8 days after the initial application I’ve maintained an all-round, even, deep tan! Especially considering I was in and out of the sea, chlorine filled swimming pool and shower every single day since arriving. And especially because it only developed for 5 and a half hours after a single application!
I’m really, really happy with it and given my experience I’d definitely give it a ten out of ten and think it’s the perfect pre-holiday tan.
Catwalk HQ Self-Tan Mousse comes in x2 shades – Medium and Dark. It’s priced at €25 and you can shop online here or check out the list of nationwide stockists here.
For additional information check out the Catwalk HQ website here.
*** This post is sponsored by Catwalk HQ***