Review: Dillisk on the Docks

I had the pleasure of visiting Dillisk on the Docks a couple of weeks ago when myself and the Xposé crew were in Galway mid our Xposé Beauty Bus tour around the country.

Dillisk on the Docks is situated in the Harbour Hotel and combines both modern-creative and traditional styles of cooking. It offers a whole new palette of flavours fusing hand harvested seaweed from the pristine Atlantic Waters off the Connemara coast with mouth-watering tastes from local suppliers and artisan ingredients.

Their main focus is to sell local, delicious and remarkable food meeting the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality.

Here’s the menu in full if you want to have a quick scan:

I’m a HUGE seafood/ shellfish fan so I had to get the Large Crock of Kelly’s Galway Bay Mussels (€10.50) to start…

I mean it would be criminal not to order seafood at a restaurant nestled at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean right??

The mussels were SO fresh and juicy, I could practically taste the seawater off them!

For main I went for the Hereford Irish Sirloin Steak (which was cooked to perfection) served with Green Beans & Fondant Potato (€24.50)

I tried something really unusual for desert – Dillisk’s signature Potted Plant (€7.95) which contained Vanilla Panna Cotta topped with Connemara Seaweed Crumb!

I know it sounds strange but it was spectacular. Taste wise, it’s hard to explain but the seaweed crumb kind of resembled brown bread crumb with a little more crunch. If you’ve ever had brown bread ice cream before, it was kind of similar.

One of the team dining with me went for the the Bailey’s & White Chocolate Cheesecake (€6.95) for desert and it looked & tasted spectacular too!

On presentation alone I would score Dillisk on the Docks 15 out of 10, especially at such an affordable price point! For just under €43 I had three magnificent courses only short of Michelin stars. The taste was exceptional too and it was obvious that everything was fresh and made from scratch which is a really important factor for me when it comes to dining out!

I’d highly recommend a visit if you are planning a trip to Galway in the immediate future or, if you are resident there! I’m already dying to go back and next time, I’m going to make sure I’m actually staying in the Harbour Hotel where Dillisk on the Docks is situated so I can frequent the restaurant more and try all of their dishes!

For bookings and enquires you can call +35391894800 or email

Alternatively you can visit the website here or check them out on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.