Review.. Momcozy S12 Pro Wearable Breast Pumps


These pumps were built with high efficiency in mind, The newly upgraded modes stimulation + expression + mixed, all allow you to start pumping from the suckling imitation of your baby for more letdown and less pumping pain. There are 9 levels for each mode, which cater to each breast.
The LED large screen of this wearable breast pump allows for easy reading even at one glimpse at night, along with a cup-motor snap-on reminder sound to not only cut the guesswork of pumping duration but also of milk leaking from the loose milk cup.

For leak free pumping, Momcozy offer support bras to complement their wireless breast pumps. Crafted with all breast sizes and shapes in mind, the pumping bra supports the breast with a snug fit, stretching to accommodate both the pump and all new mums.

The pumps charge fully in only 1.5 hours, which allows for 5/6 pumping sessions throughout the day so that you can plan endless activities with baby, without having to worry about battery life!

Leak Free, BPA Free, Convenient & Hands Free!

The S12 Pro Pumps are priced at €74.99 and are available to purchase in double or single and two colour options:

Pink Gradient

Momcozy are giving 15% off the S12 Pro pumps if you use the Code CLIONA15 & A whole 30% off the Pumping Bras with the code CLIONA30