Review: Tan Organic Silk Oil

Silk Oil by Tan Organic is the WORLD’S FIRST professional self-tanning spray oil unlike any other professional tanning treatment on the market!

It’s a premium luxurious moisturising treatment that leaves skin velvety soft and hydrated with a sun kissed glow.

Not only is it the world’s first moisturising, hydrating, professional self-tanning spray oil, Silk Oil is also completely colourless AND odourless meaning you can get sprayed at any time of the day without having to worry about wearing loose, dark clothing.

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That’s right, you can wear WHITE clothes immediately after being sprayed with Silk Oil. Imagine that… I know it’s really hard to comprehend that you can wear white clothes after having a spray tan without your clothes getting destroyed but it’s actually real. ALL our prayers have been answered.

To help you understand the concept a little better, DHA (the ingredient that develops tan) actually looks like salt in its pure form meaning that no self tanning product needs to have a colour AT ALL…

However, the colour in most tans acts as a colour guide and actually benefits us in that sense i.e. it’s easy to see where we have applied tan/missed a spot because the ‘tan lines’ are evident. When you’re using a colourless tan though, these ‘tan lines’ are invisible meaning you’d really have to be confident in your tan application skills to get an even colour without streaking.

For this reason, the retail version of Silk Oil only comes in 8% and the professional Silk Oil for salon use comes in 10%.

For girls who like REALLY dark tans, you’re probably used to getting sprayed with either a 12%, 14% or in some cases 16% tan so I don’t want people to be under the illusion that Silk Oil will give you that really deep tan. It’s not about that. Silk Oil is designed to be a hybrid between skincare and self-tanning.

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Because Silk Oil is colourless, there is no instant colour gratification when you get sprayed either. In fact, you won’t look like you have been sprayed at all. Your skin will just be silky smooth, hydrated, nourished and will be glowing from the oil. The tan will develop after 8 hours so don’t worry if you feel as though it’s not coming up as quick as you had hoped. We are just so used to leaving salons instantly dark after having a spray tan.


I really liked the colour it turned out on me – not as dark as I’m used to, but it didn’t matter. I think at this point I’d even sacrifice the darker tans because of how good my skin felt and because not one piece of my clothing or my bedsheets were destroyed.

I also love that its odourless with no fake tan smell, just a natural fresh citrus scent.

Showering is totally optional the next day as well. I know that sounds weird and I don’t mean it to sound like your personal hygiene is optional but I just mean that because it’s colourless, the water will run clear.

You know when you get sprayed and you have a shower the next morning and you feel like your whole tan is being washed down the drain, there is none of that with Silk Oil. Another mind boggler for you – the water actually runs clear in the shower because it’s a colourless tan… The colour that runs from your body with other tans is just food colouring…. So weird isn’t it?


Because Silk Oil comes in only 10%, you will be given a 25ml top-up treatment that you can apply the next day for a deeper tan, or after a few days to prolong your tan.

For professionals who are thinking of stocking Silk Oil, with every litre bottle of Silk Oil you buy you will get x20 25ml bottles absolutely free to give to your customers! The 25ml bottles retail as top up treatments in salons for €7.99 each so that’s €160 worth of FREE product!

As I mentioned, the 10% self tanning Silk Oil will only be available for professionals to purchase but if you are interested in purchasing the 8% self tanning oil that you can apply at home, it’s priced at €24.99 and you can shop here: http://bit.ly/1SIdPeC


I also use Tan Organic Moisturising Dry Oil to prolong my tan – it’s €24.99 and you can shop here: http://bit.ly/1UaMxib

If you are interested in buying a litre bottle of Silk Oil for professional use,  call +353 45 480 820 in Ireland, +44 870 820 00 73 in the UK or email info@tanoragnic.com

Below you will find a list of Silk Oil salon stockists in Ireland, if you would like to be added to this list please email me your salon details!


Adele McGovern Beauty
Home Salon
Phone: 085 2202744

Beauty Republic
Kennedy Street
Website: www.beautyrepublic.ie
Phone: 059 9173522


Boru Health and Beauty
4A Convent Hill Shopping Centre
Co Clare
Email: borubeauty@gmail.com
Phone: 061 376564

The Vanity Booth
Six Mile Bridge
Co Clare
Phone: 087 4430719

Elysium Beauty Salon
Co Clare
Phone: 087 6842019
Email: tubridylinda@gmail.com


Jane Halfpenny
7 The Beaches
Co. Down
Email: janeymarshall@sky.com
Phone: 048 9754 1755


Annya Studios
Dublin 24
Website: www.annyastudio.com
Phone: 087 320 5556

Bliss Beauty Salon
3 Ballyown Castle Shopping Centre
Email: sharon.slowey@gmail.com
Phone: 0877401952

Omra Beauty
Merrion Shopping Centre
Dublin 4
Email: info@omrabeauty.ie
Phone: 01 2195822

Peaches & Lime
81 North Kilmacud Road
Co. Dublin
Phone: 085 8584484

Newcastle Beauty Room
Unit 1 Main Street
Co. Dublin
Phone: 085 1070550
Email: morell.beauty@gmail.com

Beauty & More
2nd Floor
Dame House
Dame SV
Dublin 2
Phone: 01 611022 / 085 2421331


Elysium Day Spa
An Furran
Co Galway
Phone: 091 556846


Paula Brennan
Final Dimensions
Co Kerry
Phone: 0876606585


Affordable Beauty
Co. Kildare
Email: melissabeauty81@gmail.com
Phone: 0872 818283


Younique Beauty
29 Main Street
Co Kilkenny
Email: rolawlor83@gmail.com
Phone: 056 883 8667

Soma Beauty
28 Market Street
Co Kilkenny
Email: somamakeup@gmail.com
Phone: 097 7527152

Unique Beauty Salon
Co Kilkenny
Phone: 056 8838667


RBBeauty Clinic
No. 3 Oaten Vale
Email: Rbbeautyclinic@gmail.com
Phone: 087 2884831 / 041 9802476


Dunboyne Beauty Salon
37 Avondale Square,
Co. Meath
Email: dunboynehairandbeauty.com
Phone: 01 825 3848

All things beauty
Garden City,
Co. Meath
Phone: 083 1026723
Email: leonabw@me.com


Thalasse Beauty Rooms
Mullaghmore Road
Cliffoney Co. Sligo
Phone: 083 8413105
The Crafters Basket
Co. Sligo
Phone: 086 3883953


Claire Kinsella
The Beauty Bank @ Talbot Hotel,
Email: info@thebeautybank.ie
Phone: 053 9155557 / 086 2031313


Sandra Barnes
Mount Pleasant
Co. Wicklow
Phone: 01 1667522