Review: Zeba Hairdressing Sandymount

So last Saturday I took a trip out to Zeba Hairdressing in Sandymount to get my hair did.

For years I’ve always got my hair done off friends, in  a casual at-home setting which suited me fine, it’s just I kind of wanted to go to a salon for a change. You know, kick back and relax for hours on end, have the proper hair wash at the basin with the feet up, the head and back massage, the unlimited coffees… We all know why the salon costs the extra few bob as oppose to at-home treatments, but I do think for everyones sanity, they need to go and treat themselves to this kind of luxury every once in a while.

Maybe you can’t justify the spend on yourself personally but with Christmas coming up, maybe you could justify spending the little extra on someone you love, who may deserve a little treat even more than you.

Anyways, back to my experience at the salon. I had made an appointment for a half head of highlights. Half head because I still had all my extensions in when I went for the appointment. Kind of raging though because now my extensions are out just a week later and now the underneath of my head is like The Forbidden Caves.

When I arrived into Zeba I was instantly met by a young man called Keith. He took my coat, sat me down at my station and the first thing he did was offer me tea or coffee. In what felt like a split second he was back to me with a fresh frothy cappuccino, complete with caramelised biscuit garnishings on the side and a selection of magazines.

Next to introduce herself to me was my stylist Amy. She was so lovely and kind and pretty and just had a really quick chat with me in terms of what colours I like/dislike, and what colours previous stylists have used before. I know it can be difficult when you change salons and you’re trying to explain what colour lowlights/highlights you would have had previously but, luckily for me, I just get bleach highlights so it’s pretty straight forward.

Don’t let that put you off ever wanting to change salons though because most professional stylists will be able to tell what colours are in your hair, they just like you to explain it as best you can so as to insure there are absolutely no mistakes made. For example… I’m going through a period of having just bleach right now but I often have lowlights and other tones mixed through. In this instance I would have said to Amy, “I have a bleach highlight and a lowlight. I don’t like golden lowlights (because I feel they look quite strawberry blonde on me) but I love ashy lowlights.” (really silvery, grey tones) And then with that kind of an explanation, Amy would have known exactly what to do.

If this is a genuine fear of yours, that you would like to experiment and try somewhere new yet you’re afraid of the new stylist not getting your colour mix right, then call up the salon where you’re attending now and simply ask them for a list of the colours that are used and away you go!

Amy was extremely delicate while she was applying the colour and so friendly, we chatted the whole way through.

While the colour was taking to my hair Amy left me for a short time to tend to other clients but Keith was straight back over to me to offer me a fresh cappuccino, which I couldn’t refuse.

I sat for about 30 minutes before a young girl named Jade came over to take me to the basin. Again, she was so lovely and kind and made me feel super comfortable and at ease. She sat me at the basin and put the recliner up and turned on the back massagers. For me, getting my hair washed is one of the most divine experiences in the world but with added benefits like a back massage and having the feet up… #justcant

Jade washed my hair twice before giving me the most amazing head massage/conditioning treatment. To be honest, I think the only reason I like going to a hair salon is to have my head massaged while my hair is being washed!

Not only that, but while I was at the basin Jade combed through my hair using a Tangle Teezer. I actually felt like crying with joy (slight exaggeration) because I have the knottiest, most tangliest hair EVER and usually when I’m at salons the pain of stylists brushing it is unbearable and I’ve cried over it before. I did not feel a thing when Jade was combing it through and once all my knots were out, she sat me back at my chair to wait for Amy.

When Amy came back to me, again she brushed through all sections with a Tangle Teezer and I didn’t even so much as flinch. Keith had also come back to me at this stage to offer me a third cappuccino because I was at the basin for about 15 minutes and my last coffee went cold! (How cute?!)

Amy then proceeded to give me an amazing flicky blow-dry (pain-free!) and within 20 minutes I was ready to walk out the door looking fresh! My hair was so soft, fluffy and bouncy.

FullSizeRender 22

My colour looked excellent and it was obvious she had weaved in and out of my hair with such precision, each highlight blended effortlessly into my natural colouring.

FullSizeRender 19

It was also really clean and really icy, just how I like it! The half head of highlights plus blow-dry set me back €116, but as I said, I wanted to go and treat myself at a really nice salon and have a really nice experience.

If you’re a student, you can go in between 9am-5pm from Monday through Thursday to avail of 20% off cuts and 10% off colour.

Zeba Hairdressing are also running an unbelievable competition at the moment! Existing customers have the chance to win FREE HAIR FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! That’s free cuts, free colour, free blow-drys for 12 whole months!! A winner will be chosen in January so what do you have to do between now and then to be in with a chance? Well to be an existing customer all you have to do is book in to Zeba Hairdressing in Sandymount, even for a blow-dry, and fill out the competition entry form and that’s it! Imagine the money you would save having your hair paid for for a year?!

If you book in on a Monday, you can also avail of a 50% discount off a full colour or full head of highlights!

For more information on Zeba Hairdressing you can visit their website here: http://bit.ly/1lqyb2U or you can call them on 01 668 4045 to make an appointment.

If you are looking to book in for a blow dry the prices are as follows:

  • Short Hair €26
  • Long Hair €29
  • Extensions €32

FullSizeRender 20

Overall, I had an amazing experience and my hair looks fantastic! I’m definitely going to be back! x