Sunday Night Skincare

Hope you all had a great week my loves!

I’m back at it with another Sunday Night Skincare post so grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy.

This week I was working on diminishing my breakouts so I have some great acne clearing products to recommend along with a few products that will re-inject your skin with hydration once the oils in your skin are regulated.

First up I want to recommend the NeoStrata Clarifying Cleanser.This soap-free foaming gel cleanser is formulated with a blend of Gluconolactone (Polyhydroxy Acid/PHA), Mandelic and Salicylic Acids which improve skin texture and lightly exfoliate, while washing away excess oil and problematic bacteria. It also hydrates and conditions with Glycerin and Tea Tree Oil extract.

Generally speaking I hate using cleansers that require a rinse off action as I hate getting my hairline wet but I use them in the shower and I notice almost immediate effects when I use this one. It’s great for drying out spots and making your skin feel squeaky clean after use.

Recommended for use on normal to oil/acne-prone skin, it’s priced at €27.25 and can be purchased at 

Next up I want to chat about a product I’ve recently been introduced to, started using and LOVE! It’s the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid is a super-lightweight liquid exfoliant which combines 2% Salicylic Acid with a range of anti-irritants to care for skin. Salicylic Acid exfoliates the skin’s surface, gently sweeping away dead skin cells. It also penetrates inside the pore lining to treat clogged pores and fight acne. This toner-like liquid contains additional ingredients to let the Salicylic Acid penetrate faster and further.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid can also be used to treat Rosacea – Salicylic Acid is related to aspirin and has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can calm the redness whilst removing the flaky skin associated with Rosacea.

I’ve been using Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid twice a day, morning and evening, and have found it great for drying up my spots, smoothing skin texture and creating a more even skin tone.

It’s priced at €32.95 and you can buy it online at Cloud 10 Beauty here.

Another great product for tackling acne is The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask.

Infused with salicylic acid and Community Trade tea tree oil, this 100% vegan leave-on mask for oily skin reduces the size and number of imperfections and achieve clearer, smoother, and healthier-looking skin overnight.

Skin instantly looks and feels refreshed, purified, and soothed after use and imperfections appear reduced. It also improves the appearance of pores and skin appears smooth and mattified.

It also features a refreshing memory-gel texture, is alcohol-free, and is made with a no pillow-staining formula. Pop the Night Mask in the fridge for an ultra-refreshing feeling.

It’s priced at just €15.50 and you can pick it up from The Body Shop stores nationwide.

Next up I want to chat about the Trish McEvoy Correct and Brighten Professional Strength Multi-Acid Weekly Peel.

The Correct and Brighten Weekly Peel is a multi-acid, professional-strength, at-home peel formulated with advanced brightening acids and conditioners. This multi-acid peel combines both alpha and beta hydroxy acids in a unique glycolic, lactic, mandelic, phytic, salicylic and azelaic acid treatment complex to dramatically correct uneven skin tone and the appearance of redness, immediately brighten the complexion, visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and blemish scars and help treat and control breakouts. Bisabolol, the active principal of chamomile, and phosholipids soothe, soften and condition the skin as it’s treated.
Formulated for sensitive skin, it is ideal for all skin types and tones and can be used on face, neck, décolleté and hands.
I have been obsessed with Trish McEvoy products ever since I started using them just under a year ago and I notice immediate and consistent results when I use the products regularly.  The Correct and Brighten Weekly Peel is priced at about €106 and you can buy it online or in store at Harvey Nichols Dundrum.
The above products are what I’ve been using to help regulate the production of oil in my skin, even skin tone and improve skin texture so the following products are ones that I’ve been using to re-inject my skin with hydration. Sometimes using a lot of acids and exfoliators can dry out your skin so it’s important to counteract that effect with products that restore moisture in the skin without leaving it oily.
On that note, I am obsessed with the Lancome Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask.
What’s so unique about the Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask is that it contains the same amount of bifidus extract found in 1 full bottle of Advanced Génifique Serum which retails at €73 a pop!
The sheet adheres gently to the contours of the face, almost like a second skin, and replenishes skin with moisture, leaving it smoother and more radiant with a cushiony-soft feeling.

You can leave it on anywhere from 10-30 minutes and once removed, massage the excess product into your skin. Skin looks plumper, energised and instantly refreshed after use. Priced at €20 each you can pick them up at Lancome stockists nationwide.

Serum wise I’ve been switching between two of my favourites this week. First up the Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate.

Now formulated with even more Vitamin C,  Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is infused with 10.5% L-Ascorbic Acid and 2% Ascorbyl Glucoside. The new and improved formula visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts skin radiance and improves skin texture. It also helps to visibly minimise the appearance pores over time.

The formula is also infused with Hyaluronic Acid, known for its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Acting like a sponge, it draws moisture into the skin’s surface layers and expands as it absorbs, replenishing and retaining hydration within.

I’ve used this product for years and replenish it every time I run out, it. is. amazing!

I’ve also been using the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, a powerful night-time renewal for radiant, youthful-looking skin. It instantly adds radiance and intensely hydrates.

Advanced Night Repair significantly reduces the look of key signs of ageing.  It combats a multitude of skin issues from dryness and dehydration, lines and wrinkles to dullness and loss of radiance.

It addresses all key signs of ageing with exclusive chronoluxCB technology to help skin’s natural nightly renewal. Lines and wrinkles appear significantly reduced and skin feels smoother, hydrated and stronger. Skin also appears younger, radiant, more translucent and even toned after use.

It’s priced differently depending on what size bottle you opt for but you can pick it up at Estee Lauder counters nationwide.

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks episode of Sunday Night Skincare. Hit me up with any questions you may have x