The Brush Bible


I find that a lot of women are still unsure as to how to really clean their makeup brushes properly. With the right care and attention, a good set of makeup brushes should last you years upon years.

Everybody has a different way, but I find these simple steps work best for me and my brush collection has endured about five years of hard graft now.

If you work full-time in makeup and have a makeup clientele, then you must deep-clean your tools on a daily basis. In between clients, makeup artists generally use an alcoholic based brush cleanser, like mac brush cleanser, to remove bacteria and excess makeup as it evaporates quickly ensuring brushes are ready-to-go for the next application.


Alcoholic brush cleansers are also useful for non-professionals especially if you don’t have the luxury of having multiple application brushes and use the same ones for various areas of the eyes and face.There is a lot of makeup residue deep down in the fibres however that only a ‘deep-clean’ will remove but  make sure you allow the brushes proper dry-time.



Add a tiny bit of water where necessary to build the lather. If your brushes are particularly dirty, they will lather up a really dirty colour whereas if they are relatively clean, the suds will remain a crisp white colour. Rinse the suddy brush under the tap until the water runs clear.

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