The €18 Pharmacy Foundation That Doubles For One Almost Triple The Price

Ok, by now you guys are well aware that I’m a brand ambassador for GOSH Cosmetics in Ireland.

Truth be told, I was a MASSIVE fan of GOSH Cosmetics before I was taken on as their brand ambassador. And maybe that’s why they  chose me? They were well aware that I was a huge fan of the brand and for years I posted about their products free of charge.

I mean, I’ve been using GOSH Cosmetics since I was a teenager! They noticed the passion, the enthusiasm and most importantly, the honesty. Knowing I would only ever recommend products to my followers that I genuinely love and believe in, ultimately they felt that I would be a good ambassador for the brand.


If you’re an avid follower of mine you’ll know I HIGHLY rate GOSH Cosmetics foundations and in fact, in most instances I prefer them to foundations that are double, sometimes triple the price! 😱


So let’s talk about the GOSH Cosmetics Foundation Plus Cover + Conceal.  It’s a full coverage foundation + concealer in 1 and it’s formulated with active ingredients such as liquid sea minerals, seaweed and hyaluronic acid which together work to moisturise, nourish & regenerate the skin 😍 skin is velvety soft with a satin finish after use and it feels natural & comfortable all day long 🙌🏻

It also has SPF15 AND it’s cruelty-free, vegan friendly and completely free of perfumes, parabens & harsh chemicals!

I’m about to show you some pictures of me wearing GOSH Cosmetics Foundation Plus Cover + Conceal over the last couple of months and after, I’ll show you some pictures of me wearing more expensive foundations to see if you can notice any drastic differences.

Can I also note that in all four pictures above I have NOT used concealer in addition to the foundation! How unbelievable is that coverage?! 👀

The next  foundation I’m about to show you is priced at €49.99 – €31.99 more expensive than the GOSH Cosmetics Foundation Plus Cover + Conceal!

And this next one is priced at €36, double the price of the GOSH Cosmetics Foundation Plus Cover + Conceal!

Now let’s compare them side by side…

Can you notice any obvious differences that would warrant you spending double, almost triple the price of the GOSH Cosmetics Foundation Plus Cover + Conceal?

I also want to say that this post isn’t designed to put you off buying expensive/luxury foundation. I love all three of the foundations featured in this editorial, the main point I’m trying to make is that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to get a good foundation.

GOSH Cosmetics are widely available in pharmacies nationwide and online at