The Full Low-Down On Inglot HD Foundation

I was absolutely dying to try this out having always been a huge fan of the Make Up For Ever HD range however, I have the most sensitive skin in the world and with continuous use, the Make Up For Ever HD foundation left my skin dry, itchy and flakey. If this is happening to your skin and you’re not usually prone to dryness then chances are you’re using the wrong foundation.

The Inglot HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation is hypoallergenic which is designed to minimise the possibility of an allergic response by containing very few or potentially no harmful or irritating ingredients. Enriched with white truffle extract, it also maintains the skins moisture balance and doesn’t dry you out.

I had an appointment with Blathnaid Murphy, Senior Makeup Artist at Inglot Dundrum, on Wednesday 25th February  and we used the Inglot HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation in shade #71. I had my makeup done at 11am and these pictures were taken at 6pm, 7 hours after the initial application. This was literally right before dusk and even in natural light, with zero touch-ups, it has done me welll! You can see how it has slightly worn away from my hairline but that’s because I was filming for about 2 hours that day, under intense lighting and I got a bit clammy I must admit!


This picture was then taken at 12am, 13 hours after the original application, not one single touch-up and still flawless..


I’m slightly shiny in the t-zone to be fair but after 13 hours??  I’m pretty happy with that.. I’ve tried foundations before that don’t last and they constantly need to be reapplied but as you can see this isn’t the case.

In the name of love I then slept in The Inglot HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation and the following morning, after 7 hours of sleep, I got in front of the lens again. No shame.


Almost 23 hours after the original application, not one single touch-up & 7 hours of sleep… It’s pretty much up all-nighter proof!! Mind you, it doesn’t look perfect but probably looks like what your average foundation would look like after only 8 hours or even less!

This foundation provides long lasting coverage and conceals discolouration and skin imperfections ensuring a natural, flawless finish. It also adjusts to each skin tone and prevents excess shine. I am wearing the lightest shade (#71) and as you can see here, it blends effortlessly into my neckline.


All Inglot’s HD products contain HD pigments which are designed to be used for filming in high definition, ensuring the face looks flawless even on a big screen. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, it is also suitable for everyday use ensuring you’re HD flawless on the daily, not just the superstars!

Priced at a reasonable €33, this foundation is not one to be ignored and is definitely a beauty must have in every kit, professional or non. I may even be confident enough to suggest that this could be a potential ‘Best Foundation of 2015’ candidate.

For more information head to or purchase the foundation directly here.

I also want to take this moment to congratulate Blathnaid Murphy, who has just been crowned Irelands Most Talented Makeup Artist by RSVP Magazine. Check out Bla’s Facebook page here or you can follow her on Instagram @blamurphy.