The Make Up For Ever 11 Colour Foundation Palette

Well ladies.. I caused a bit of controversy last week on Facebook when I said this MAKE UP FOR EVER 11 colour foundation palette was a “BARGAIN” at €107.. I really need to rephrase it and explain to you why I felt it was a such *musthave* purchase.

Although I work full time in Xposé now, I used to work full-time as a makeup artist in Make Up For Ever which is probably why I’m so passionate about the brand!

Any who I used it yesterday to quickly give you guys a taste of what it can do..

Firstly I found the actual colour of my skin to use as a base. I then mixed it with the white to make a lighter version of my base colour to use as a highlighter and chose a darker colour for contouring similar to the powder shades I usually use.

I applied it in stripes where I would normally contour and highlight and literally just blended it all together using this amazing foundation NIMA Brush which I’m obsessed with!! It’s only €16 and it’s perfect for applying foundation around the eye area. The hair is like velvet and because it’s so SUPER soft, you don’t get those pokey bits of hair that make your eyes water.. 😫 It’s great for getting the little crooks and crevices of the face, eye and nose area and especially for blending cream highlighters & contouring!

Get it here 👉

I then set the foundation with a bit of powder and my whole face was done! Now, I do understand how a person not working in the industry would be apprehensive and wonder why would I need all these colours? But think about how your skin colour changes throughout the year, when you’re away on holidays, when you have tan on, when it’s winter and you’re a milk bottle! I bet you have different makeup for daytime, nighttime, bb creams, tinted moisturisers, highlighting shades, contouring shades etc..

This palette can move with you through the year and can be built from sheer to full coverage. It’s probably one of the only things you will need in your kit for an entire year at least. If your base colour runs out, use the white to lighten the darker shade up. If your contour colour runs out, use the White to lighten the next darkest up and so on!

That’s why I think it’s a good purchase, definitely for a professional MUA but maybe not necessary for every single individual. X

You can get the palette here ☺️ 👉