Top Products For Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Christmas is almost upon us and as much as we all love having time off to hibernate and overindulge, excessive eating and drinking can lead to the over production of sebum in our skin which causes oiliness and acne!

So to get your skin ready for everything Christmas 2017 is about to throw at it, I want to introduce you all to the Pure Equalizer range from DIBI Milano.

The Pure Equalizer range is the 1st professional cosmetic line designed by DIBI Milano to specifically treat oily and acne prone skin in a targeted way.


For those of you who aren’t aware, DIBI Milano is the #1 professional skincare brand in Italy and it has just recently launched in Ireland.

With over 40 years experience at the leading edge of dermo-cosmetic research and innovation, DIBI Milano offers a full range of clinically-proven, cosmeceutical face and body treatments formulated according to its acclaimed 7 Star Method.

The 7 Star Method explained…

1. Scientific Method

DIBI Milano’s added value is a unique and exclusive method that helps to objectively identify critical beauty issues for the face and body, and to establish a treatment strategy that guarantees fast, safe and reliable results.

2. Research and Development

The DIBI Milano laboratories are committed every day to the preparation of cutting edge cosmetic formulas and to the development of professional beauty equipment that is both technologically advanced and highly innovative.

3. Cutting Edge Technology

The powerful synergy of the most advanced beauty technologies, along with constant innovation in the cosmetics field, guarantees maximum performance in terms of effectiveness and efficiency while fully respecting safety and reliability.

4. High Performance Products

Thanks to selected active ingredients transmitted through the most innovative and cutting edge cosmetic formulations, all DIBI Milano products have been developed with scientific rigor in order to guarantee extremely high functionality and maximum performance.

5. Personalised Treatment Programs

Functional and personalised beauty programs work in depth against every kind of imperfection, created thanks to the expertise of DIBI Milano’s aestheticians, the only ones capable of interpreting the real needs of the skin and of applying the most correct and targeted treatments.

6. Certified Results

Working with the most accredited Dermocosmetic Research Institutes guarantees the effectiveness, safety and added value of DIBI Milano’s high-performance cosmetics.

7. Continuous Training

Highly qualified instructors train and constantly update the beauty salon owners and staff in the proper use of methods, products and technologies through dedicated courses, both theoretical and practical, aimed at conveying a technical-scientific professional culture at the highest levels.

Now that you’re educated on what the DIBI Milano 7 Star Method stands for, it’s time to talk through the entire Pure Equalizer range.

The purpose of this editorial is to give you a generalised overview of the range however, I’ll be going through each product individually and more in depth with you over the coming weeks.


Purifying Cleansing Powder 2 in 1

Purifying Cleansing Powder 2 in 1 is an innovative powder which transforms into a soft cleanser when mixed with water. It effectively removes impurities and excess sebum, purifying the pores deep down to fight blockages. It also removes make-up residue and traces of pollution while respecting the skin’s physiological pH without attacking its hydrolipidic film.

Biphasic Astringent Toner

Biphasic Astringent Toner is a two-phase toning lotion. The liquid phase purifies and tightens the pores counteracting blockages while the mixture of effective mattifying and sebum-absorbing powders minimises pores. It contains a complex of active ingredients which normalise the presence of the micro-organisms that cause blemishes.

Result: mattified skin with a long-lasting anti-shine effect and an even-looking complexion.

Mattifying Biocellulose Mask

The innovative Mattifying Biocellulose Mask works to rebalance sebum production and refine skin texture, carrying out an effective action on the pores. The revolutionary structure of the mask adheres to the face like a second skin allowing the best delivery of the active ingredients.


Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid +24H

Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid +24H has a complexion-perfecting texture which refines skin texture and minimises the visibility of pores.

Result: pores are minimised and skin is matte, smooth and even for 24 hours.

Acid Gel Cream pH Control

The Acid Gel Cream pH Control has a light, fresh and fast-absorbing texture, ideal for skin which is prone to acne. It encourages the disappearance of existing blemishes and counteracts the formation of residual marks, rebalancing the sebum secretion and purifying the pores. It contains A.C.N. Complex to fight redness and ensure maximum comfort.

Blemish Eliminator

Blemish Eliminator is an exclusive high-impact anti-blemish treatment with localised action which speeds up the disappearance of blemishes without leaving marks. It also contains A.C.N. Complex to minimise redness. Thanks to its purifying and astringent action it dries out blemishes quickly, promoting their reduction in a short time.

Even though the above range would be suitable for you if you have oily or acne prone skin, it is highly recommended that you get an MDB Skin Analysis prior to using any of the DIBI Milano product ranges. This ensures that you are using the correct products specific to your needs.

About the MDB Analyser…

The technologically advanced analyser is a dual skin evaluation system which uses a bio impedance transducer and ultrasound technologies to measure critical skin concerns such as hydration levels, elasticity, tissue consistency, density and muscle tone, to objectively diagnose any concerns at a dermal level.

The identified skin issues are then treated using the personalised programme of products from the eleven face lines available and prescribed by the analyser, with improvements tracked between treatments.

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