Tummy Toner Tabs: Diamond Nutrition CLA’s

For any of you who are currently working out in the gym or who are on a mission to become a slimmer, more toned version of yourself, I have an amazing product to tell you about which will aid your body’s transformation!

First, I need to tell you a little about where the products are coming from and why I chose to go with them as a brand. Platinum and Diamond are an Irish company based in Galway, launched about 4 years ago by founder Jason Mc Garry.

He has a background in Law but while he was studying he was working in the Health Food industry part-time.

As an avid sportsman himself, he was always confused as to why the quality of sports nutrition was so substandard, and why substandard protein, fish oils and mulit-vitamins were on the market.

He saw an opportunity to bring out a high quality brand of products that are unique in terms of ingredients and formulations and he went for it.

Originally Jason ordered a few kilos of whey isolate, some flavouring, sweeteners etc. and went about mixing and trying out formulations for himself and once he got the formulas right, he started getting his range of products mass produced.

What really makes Platinum and Diamond stand out from the other ranges on the market is the quality.

The likes of their Slim Lite Smoothie or Whey ISO+ has a protein content of between 85%-87%. Most other brands just about have a protein value of 80%. This means Platinum and Diamond proteins have less sugars, less fat and less added ingredients. So as a customer paying for protein, you are getting the most amount of protein possible for your money.

What further sets Platinum and Diamond apart from other brands, and this is truly unique, is that most of their products are naturally sweetened with Stevia and are Gluten Free. No other Whey Protein on the Irish market can claim this…… for now!

There are a lot of other unique elements in the formulations of the Platinum and Diamond range. For example, the Zinc that is their  RnR (Rest and Relaxation) supplements, is Zinc Methyanine; the most bio-available form of Zinc. This means nearly all of the Zinc can be absorbed into the body, as opposed to cheaper Zincs on the market.

Their version of BCAA’s is also very unique in that they have used the optimal formulation of ingredients set out in recent studies and added a unique ingredient, namely powdered Coconut water for added rehydration. This is a totally new and unique product and as natural as you can get. You’ll also find that it is less sweet than other BCAA’s, as they use 1/3 of the sweeteners and flavourings that other brands use.

Platinum and Diamond also sponsor many athletes around Ireland including Tara Kelly from Tara’s Journey to the Stage, Peter O’Connell who successfully climbed Mount Everest 3 years ago and the Galway Women’s & Mens Senior Footballers.

Model and Celebrity Clean Food Chef Roz Purcell is also a huge fan of the brand and uses many of their products when cooking.

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These supplements however are Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA’s). Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in meat, some dairy sources and wild flowers.

Platinum and Diamond source their CLA from natural plant oils, which are known to have the highest concentration of the active isomers C9:T11 and T10:C12. CLA is stimulant free and is proven to improve body composition and reduce body fat.

The beneficial effects of CLA on human health have been widely investigated and proven. Several studies have demonstrated that CLA can positively affect body mass whilst having a beneficial toning effect. It has also been proven th CLA can help reduce inflammation and have a positive effect on heart health.

Diamond CLA contains the highest concentration of the two active CLA isomers, C9:T11 and T10:C12. Platinum and Diamond have dedicated their research to the development of a CLA product with a higher purity of these two isomers than is normally found in other brands.

Benefits of using CLA’s:

• Helps Reduce Body Fat

• Impacts Metabolic Rate

• Promotes Toned Sculpted Physique

Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily with meals.

A bottle of CLA’s will cost you €29.95 and you can buy online from Platinum and Diamond here http://bit.ly/1LdGPqV