What My Followers Had To Say About Mario Badescu Skincare

So yesterday I posted about having never heard of Mario Badescu skincare before 👀

Best believe I was swiftly reminded I must have been living under some sort of rock because apparently everyone and their granny has heard of Mario Badescu! 😳

The brand was first brought to my attention the other day when I noticed some products on Kim Kardashian West’s Instagram story and instantly I became intrigued!

I took to my social media channels to ask my followers had they tried it before and if so, what were their thoughts?! I was inundated with messages and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the feedback because I must be honest, after listening to my followers honest opinions I can safely say I’ll be investing in some of the products!

Here’s some of the responses I received on Facebook:

And here are some of the responses I received on Instagram:

How amazing is all that feedback from my loyal followers?! 😍 They are literally THE best!!

Having listened to all their recommendations I’m definitely going to be investing in some products really soon so watch this space.

Apparently the best place to get your hands on Mario Badescu skincare is Beauty Bay so if you’re intrigued too and want to check out the full range, follow this link: